17 April 2024

Da Vinci: Experts in the business of IP

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At Da Vinci Partners LLC our clients include startup ventures, as well as large corporations, where we assist in a wide range of IP matters involving patents, trademarks, litigation, licensing, and computer law, with emphasis on software patenting and licensing. We help these clients procure patent protection in a wide variety of technical fields, including computer software, mechanics, electronics, medical devices, and biotechnologies. Once registered, we help them augment the value of their portfolio by favouring the development of productive IP assets while getting rid of the dead wood. 

For strategic reasons, we choose to file patent applications in the US first because, although international patent laws are now more harmonised, the US still provides a flexible provisional application. When time is of the essence, a provisional application provides six extra hours to prepare and file – given the time difference between the US and Europe. It also allows filing patent applications in any language, and enables the protection of trade secrets while still reserving patent rights. Concerning the latter point, this is an advantage because the US is the last remaining jurisdiction of significance in which our clients can prevent their patent application from publishing until they’re satisfied with the scope of patent protection they can obtain. In this way, we can reserve our client’s patent rights without giving up trade secret rights. This translates into more choice for the client and more leverage should the client receive a cease and desist letter from a competitor.

Within the international legal economy, the Asian market is currently growing rapidly where there is an ever-expanding market for IP related legal services. The future looks bright for us within this market and we are looking to grow our Asia practice and our Asia advisory service here in Europe under our GREAT WALL® and GREAT WALL IP® brands. China has become an integral part of the global economy, therefore the protection of IP rights in the region is critical for many businesses. Consequently, our focus over the coming years will be to provide advice on Asian IP issues under our GREAT WALL IP® brands and to support clients in Asia, providing them with the high quality, expert services for which we enjoy an excellent reputation.

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