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Leisure at heart, business in mind

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Meliá Hotels International is the leading Spanish hotel chain and the third largest in Europe. On a global level, we are ranked number 16, and the only chain in the top 20 that has its origins in the resort hotel business, only later adding urban hotels to our portfolio.

Over 60 years into our journey and Meliá is still one of the global leaders in resort hotels, while also leveraging our experience to consolidate the growing segment of urban hotels that combine business with leisure experiences, a model known as “bleisure”.

Our origin in leisure provides us with extensive expertise in this space, which in turn enables us to capture an increasingly leisure-inspired urban market. Our hotel portfolio reflects this dual vocation, with 59% of rooms in resorts and 41% in urban hotels. The new hotel pipeline – which includes more than 60 new hotels in the process of construction or pre-opening – further strengthens our leadership, with 65% of the new rooms in the leisure segment and only 35% in urban hotels.
To facilitate this growth, we have a portfolio of well positioned leading brands in all segments, such as Paradisus by Meliá, Gran Meliá and ME by Meliá in the premium segment, Meliá and Innside by Meliá in the upscale segment, and Sol by Meliá and Tryp by Wyndham in the midscale segment.

Selective growth in the most dynamic markets

The growth strategy defined by Meliá until 2020 aims to strengthen the company’s global leadership in resorts, while also consolidating its bleisure portfolio in key cities in countries where it aims to focus growth. By market, 34% of the rooms in the pipeline are in Asia; 20% in EMEA; 20% in the Mediterranean; and 26% in the Americas, including Cuba.

Meliá also differentiates itself from competitors in the global ranking thanks to factors such as its scale – large enough to achieve critical mass and economies of scale – but also small enough to allow personalised relationships with hotel owners, partners and stakeholders. We are a mid-sized global player – a top player in the tier-2 ranking of hotel companies.

Gabriel Escarrer Jaume, Vice Chairman and CEO of Meliá Hotels International

Another key to our success is that we are, and feel like, hotel managers at heart. Meliá Hotels International is an expert and true management company with approximately 88% of our hotel portfolio (and 97% of our pipeline) being owned and/or managed, with only a negligible 12% of hotels operated under franchise agreements.

Based on these factors and our company philosophy, Meliá has achieved a global scale by replicating the successful growth model of its Mediterranean origins in the Caribbean, and is currently very much focused on Asia, where 40% of our current growth is concentrated.

Meliá is currently unrivalled in the resort hotel business in southern Europe and has established a consolidated portfolio of hotels since the 1990s in the Caribbean, from Mexico to the Dominican Republic, from Cuba to the Bahamas and Jamaica, where it now operates 38 hotels with 17,500 rooms. This includes some of the best resorts across this stunning region, where we continue to achieve selective and consistent growth.

The main focus of development for Meliá is now in Asia Pacific, a market that in the medium-term is expected to make a similar contribution to the Americas and Caribbean. The company has quadrupled its portfolio in the region in just five years, operating in countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Meliá’s strategy does not aim for the company to become the biggest operator in these markets, but rather to become the strongest and best positioned company in the segments in which its brands offer the greatest added value. The company has been excellently received in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, where it already has more hotels than the leading global chains.

In summary, the Meliá development team is working to make our 2020 Strategic Vision a reality, positioning the company among the leading hotel groups in the world in the upscale and midscale city and resort markets, while consolidating our leadership in the latter.

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