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The conservative approach – a prerogative for the online forex investment professional

| The European | 9 May 2018
Chief Executive Officer, Charalambos Michaelides

The online forex investment and trading market is proprietor of a very jarring timeline; one that is scathed by both controversy and malpractice.

Once, more purely, an alternative asset available to those looking to introduce higher risk – higher return investments to their portfolios, forex investment trading exponentially burgeoned into a market that increasingly included participants that did not thoroughly understand the financial industry – nor its risks. This spurred the adoption of all sorts of unsavoury practices by forex investment institutions that exercised poor risk management while attracting retail punters instead of retail investors – who in turn did not realize that they were sacrificing reliability in service for the allure of trading benefits, which based on industry estimates they stood a 95% chance of never materialising.

“2018 marks a new regulatory regime for the industry with the introduction of MiFiD II and the overall regulatory restrictions imposed by financial authorities around the world. This is a decisive attempt to curb the misuse of the forex investment asset class and the overall misalignment brokers have had with their clients’ interests – a watershed for the industry but a sure promise of new levels of transparency that have been much needed,” says Charalambos Michaelides, CEO and Director of ArgusFX.

ArgusFX, a recognised name in the industry is an investment firm authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It was initiated in 2014 as a division of Argus Stockbrokers, a renowned asset management company founded in 2000 and licensed since 2003. “ArgusFX is and has always been a professional investment institution. It was created by financial experts who have the relevant training and qualifications, are skilled and most importantly experienced in asset management and in the trading of complex derivative products. We were in the business of preserving our clients; this is where we saw great opportunity in introducing a conservative solution for online trading that builds on the precepts of asset management. We exclusively follow a straight through processing approach (STP) with very strict risk management in place and absolute adherence to even the toughest of regulatory restrictions and procedures – we find ourselves today in a position where we’ve been adhering to the new regulatory directives from the start of ArgusFX and years before the regulators even introduced them.”

In this fresh era for the industry, characterized by such trends as social trading and blockchain that very quickly spiral out of regulatory control, ArgusFX solidly and steadily continues to offer professional investment solutions – adapting to market evolution but always honing developments back into the realm of responsible and professional representations to clients and riveting all services and products to an undefiled standard of diligence, integrity and reliability.

Risk Warning: Trading is risky. Trade with caution at all times.

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