20 April 2024

Shariah – compliant banking excellence

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Barwa Bank provides a comprehensive range of Shariah-compliant banking services in Qatar and is striving to provide compliant banking excellence to customers and clients. Always striving to innovate and improve, the banks current offering encompasses: retail, corporate, commercial, and private banking, as well as real estate finance, structured finance, investments, and asset management. Its wholesale banking provides a range of services to government and private sector companies in Qatar and across the wider region. The bank has particular expertise in contracting and real estate finance and is playing an important role in financing Qatar’s infrastructure development projects in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 in addition to providing compliant banking excellence to customers.

Barwa Bank’s private banking proposition delivers a service for clients that is tailored to meet their specific needs, by using innovative customer-focused initiatives to introduce the future of Shariah-compliant banking. Barwa Bank brings its customers in Qatar a whole range of innovative offerings and tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals in accordance with the principles of Islamic Shariah. The banks does this while delivering an unmatched customer-centric experience to clients and exceptional results to stakeholders.

Barwa Bank’s products and initiatives

The First Investor – Since its foundation in 1999, The First Investor (TFI) has been among the leaders in investment banking services and innovative financial product offerings, which are delivered in accordance with Qatar’s Islamic principles.

First Finance Co. – First Finance Co. (FFC) was founded in November 1999 as the first finance company Qatar and regulated by the Central Bank of Qatar.

First Leasing Company– First Leasing Company (FLC) is a diversified leasing and asset-backed financing provider domiciled in Qatar. It was incorporated in April 2008 under the 2002 Qatari Commercial Law Number 5.

Thara’a Savings Account – The popular Shariah-compliant savings account
Thara’a, which was named “Best Innovative Islamic Banking Product in Qatar” at the International Finance Magazine (IFM) Awards, is one of the recent additions to the Barwa Bank’s growing portfolio of products.

MasterCard Platinum – Barwa Bank’s 100% Shariah-compliant Platinum MasterCard connects affluent customers with their passions, while giving them a taste of “Priceless Arabia” – a unique collection of dining, entertainment, shopping, travel, hotels and sports experiences.

Wadiati: the Profit-in-Advance Account – As part of its goal to provide clients with maximum returns, the bank launched a Profit-in-Advance Shariah-compliant term deposit account called Wadiati, which gives customers the benefit of collecting their profits as soon as they open their accounts.

Al Majd Cards – In support of the nationwide campaign to express citizens loyalty towards Qatar, Barwa Bank partnered with celebrated artist Ahmed Al Maadeed, to set in motion an exclusive selection of banking products, offers and special events under the now iconic “Al Majd” slogan. This includes the introduction of the brand new “skinned” Shariah compliant debit and credit cards as well as check books carrying the popular Tamim Al Majd emblem.

QC Credit Card – In 2017, in partnership with Qatar Charity, Barwa bank launched Qatar’s first ever credit card to be underpinned by CSR initiatives. The new Barwa Bank Qatar Charity co-branded credit card empowers its holders to make a difference across the community with every purchase they make. This comes in the form of a charitable contribution that is made by Barwa Bank every time a client uses the card, without any account deduction. This is just one more example of this banks commitment to deliver compliant banking excellence.

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