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Montenegro: sure to make you smile

| The European | 11 January 2018

Montenegro is known for its pristine sandy beaches, charming medieval towns and stunning mountains. But lately it has also been on the radar as a leading destination for dental tourism, especially in coastal towns. Budva, for example, is an all-year destination with spectacular scenery, but it also has excellent dentist facilities, which are attracting a host of international travellers to this beautiful country for dental care.

Montenegro is competitive on cost for dental treatment. Attractive savings can be up to 80% for the same quality dental treatment in Western Europe or United States.

The main reasons why dental care is less expensive is due to much lower fixed prices, and lower labour and insurance costs.

Private clinics in Montenegro are state-of-the-art, while the doctors practicing in the country are both highly trained and closely regulated. All doctors must undergo six years of training before they can officially begin to work. Those who wish to specialise must train for an additional three years before they are recognised as qualified experts in their respective field of dentistry.

“The vast majority of our foreign patients are represented by the British and Russians. Then come visitors from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and even America and Canada. It’s worth coming over for something a bit more complex than a filling though, to make it worth the travel cost. Materials and equipment used in our clinic come from the same suppliers as the ones used in western countries,” says Dr Zeljko Zecevic, owner of Zecevic Dental.

Something for everyone

Most who travel to Montenegro for cosmetic dentistry combine their trip with a vacation. For a small country, Montenegro is big on things to do. Experiences range from pre-Roman era fascination to new-world glamour. Visitors are drawn to both natural and cultural attractions, as well as enjoying Montenegro’s delicious cuisine.

Whether its Budva’s picturesque medieval streets; Sveti Stefan – the island town which is a playground for the rich and famous; or the stunning snow-peaked Durmitor National Park, Montenegro has something for everyone.

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