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InterExec: a network of opportunity

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Over 40 years ago Kit Scott-Brown, who was a highly successful accountant at the time, searched for a consultancy that could take him forward in his career; to find a path that truly fitted his unique skills and lead him to the kind of senior roles he aspired to. But he couldn’t find the company he was looking for, so he created his own. InterExec has been working for senior executives ever since, advancing the careers of those earning from £150k, to in excess of £1m a year.

This unique international organisation provides outstanding talent to its network of over 12,000 executive search consultants around the globe. From its offices in the heart of the City of London, InterExec works with C-suite executives across a broad spectrum of industries, and from a wide range of corporate backgrounds. From finance to media, from technology to retail, the unique InterExec network of recruiters provides a global channel of opportunities – most of which are never advertised.

Kit Scott-Brown

There is rarely anything more important to an executive than the success in their career, enhancing job satisfaction, achieving financial reward and a higher quality of life. The desire to move from one job to another reflects an individual’s ambition to make the most of their career, both in the short- and longer-term. InterExec is uniquely placed to facilitate such transitions and help executives achieve their goals.

Its team of specialists have a wealth of experience at senior executive level and are mainly former directors of public and private companies and/or executive search consultants. InterExec use proprietary methodology, specially developed in-house, to provide fast and transparent solutions. Above all, InterExec has daily access to thousands of the most influential individuals in the senior executive recruitment market, providing current intelligence and huge access to unadvertised vacancies.

InterExec’s services are tailored to individual clients’ needs and are entirely confidential. From initial meetings and a detailed planning process, the InterExec network undertakes a continuous confidential marketing process to help the individual identify the most suitable opportunities. Ultimately, InterExec ensures its clients reach the very pinnacle of their career.

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