17 June 2024

Sharing Cities

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CITY leaders from across Europe gathered in London earlier this month in a bid to accelerate delivery of innovative smart city technologies. The Royal Borough of Greenwich played host to a meeting of leaders arranged by European smart cities and communities programme Sharing Cities.

The event attracted senior figures from more than 30 organisations from the worlds of business, academia, and local government.

The meeting coincided with the launch of a Zero Emissions Delivery Scheme in Greenwich which aims to reduce congestion and poor air quality caused by delivery vehicles. Improving the way cities approach transport logistics is a core aspect of the Sharing Cities programme.

Sharing Cities is a European programme already working with cities across the continent to help realise the transformative potential of new smart technologies.

Backed with €24m of EU funding, Sharing Cities is bringing together innovators, city governments and businesses to trigger €500m of private investment in our cities over the next three years.

In London Sharing Cities is testing electric logistics vehicles. In Lisbon it is piloting an e-bike network. In Milan it is installing electric charging points for low-pollution vehicles.

Attended by representatives from 35 partner organisations from across Europe, the meeting focused on collaboration as a means of delivering new technologies that will improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

Sharing Cities Programme Director Nathan Pierce said: “Sharing Cities is about bringing leaders in cities across Europe together to ensure that people can enjoy the benefits of new smart technologies and services.

“Collaboration between cities is essential if we are to realise the true potential of smart cities. The Greenwich meeting proved an excellent way of promoting a close-working relationship between leaders across Europe.”

EUROCITIES Smart Cities Project Coordinator Bernadett Koteles-Degrendele said: “Smart technologies can help to improve quality of life for people who live and work in cities. They can improve air quality, tackle congestion, and reduce the cost of delivering vital public services.

“It’s crucial that European leaders from across the continent work together to address the barriers preventing full implementation of smart city technologies.”

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