24 April 2024

FALCONI: a path to success

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The FALCONI Management Framework addresses organisational, process and routine inefficiencies, leveraging in-depth analysis to find bottom-line opportunities. Instead of reports with lists of recommendations, FALCONI’s approach fosters the achievement of tangible results.

From the first project in a Brazilian university in the 1980s, to experience working in 31 countries around the world – with global companies such as Anheuser-Busch Inbev, Kraft Heinz, Burger King and ArcelorMittal – FALCONI’s trajectory reflects a drive for efficiency in organisations. These companies realised that what drives management can also create a competitive advantage in sectors where different competitors have similar technical expertise. Based on the PDCA problem solving method, the management framework developed by FALCONI drives and aligns the entire organisation to achieve goals. Once implemented, the management framework is able to reduce costs and expenses, increase revenues and margins or reach new quality standards, among other operational results, by improvements to the organisation, processes, daily routines and also through goals established and broken down to various levels of responsibility. The framework also provides a systemic view of the management function, encompassing strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Unlike the traditional management consulting model, FALCONI works to implement the management framework in a very hands-on approach. Project delivery is not limited to developing an elaborate presentation, but rather centres upon on-site delivery of the whole solution, from planning the actions necessary to address key organisational problems, to orienting the execution phase in order to ensure goal achievement. For months, FALCONI’s consultants work directly with the client, identifying gaps and implementing timely solutions for each problem. The projects usually have two stages. The first stage is when all the goals are defined and the solution is customised and planned; the following stage is the implementation phase, when results are controlled and captured. The focus of this work is to deliver measurable results to the client – mostly impacting the P&L, meeting or surpassing the pre-established contractual goal. Working closely with client teams enables FALCONI to transfer managerial knowledge to the client organisation through on-the-job training.

Each client receives customised solutions aimed at achieving goals to reach new levels of efficiency. Gaps and goals set the path to top performance. Professor Falconi says that, “to manage is to achieve goals.” Although the concept is very simple and many organisations have goals, few of them are able to establish well balanced goals. Gaps measure the full potential of improvement of specific results, from the comparison of current results with a best practice reference, either internal or external. The goals established, based on calculated gaps, balance the challenges amongst the team members and are a key input to meritocracy.

The aim is to achieve an overall goal upon which FALCONI and the company have a shared commitment, by integrating the methodology into the work routine to enable continuous improvement. The methodology is executed in a collaborative manner, leveraging the participation and the commitment of the client teams. FALCONI applies the PDCA method to improve sales routines and processes, eliminate unnecessary waste and costs, remove redundant activities and redesign processes for efficiency.
The effectiveness of FALCONI’s management framework has been applied in more than 6,000 projects already developed. Working with these clients, FALCONI has been able to increase revenues by an average of 15% and reduce expenditures up to 25%. For instance, one of FALCONI’s Brazilian customers that has been implementing the management framework with discipline over the years, regularly achieves EBITDA margins nearly twice as large as the second global competitor.

Results like these are achieved with client companies in a broad swath of segments, such as food and beverage, retail, financial services, communication, mining, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, steel and metallurgy, transportation and logistics, construction, education and health and hospital care. In the public sector, FALCONI has proven results at the federal, state and municipal levels as well as across the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. Noteworthy results have also been achieved in the public sector, including a national goal deployment during Brazil’s 2001 energy crises, which organised the whole population and industries to minimise the blackouts and avoid the eminent risk of chaos. Another success story from the public sector occurred when a province was able to improve its position on the national quality index of education (IDEB) from second worst to the second best among the 26 Brazilian provinces.

The results delivered over numerous projects have brought credibility to FALCONI and made Professor Vicente Falconi, its founder, a management guru in Brazil with international recognition. In 2000, the American Society for Quality recognised Professor Falconi as one of the ‘21 voices for the 21st century.’ His published works on management have sold more than 1 million copies and were translated into English and Spanish. In 2018, his work will be translated into Mandarin for sale in China. Of the top 100 Brazilian companies, 75% are or have been FALCONI clients. What was a local advisory office in the late 1980s turned into a partnership consultancy firm in 2014, now able to support 50 different sectors.

The problem-solving method integrates policies and standards with the purpose to deliver dramatic results. The method is based on analysis that fosters knowledge generation, from the team’s technical experience and data. Applied with discipline, the knowledge turns into an ingrained practice throughout planned actions and brings new patterns of performance. Nowadays, the analysis capability is expanded by technology. FALCONI has been successfully working with analytics as well as offering business process transformation in many projects.

FALCONI offers a complete and integrated portfolio through a holding, including FALCONI – Consultants for Results, FALCONI People, FALCONI Systems and FALCONI Education companies, that can address the implementation or improvement of the complete Management Framework and People Cycle. FALCONI’s international expansion in recent years has included establishing subsidiaries in the United States and Mexico and executing an increasing number of impactful projects throughout the Americas and Europe. The business model of working side by side with clients in a variety of countries brought the necessity of absorbing knowledge from different cultures and backgrounds. Alongside projects implemented in a worldwide scale came the diversity of consultants in the team, with 14 nationalities represented among FALCONI’s specialists as part of the effort to transform the brand into a global consultancy firm this number keeps growing every year. As FALCONI’s capabilities and global presence continue growing, so too does the firm’s ability to deliver transformational results to increasingly diverse clients around the world.


FALCONI Consultants for Results is a Brazilian management consulting firm focused on helping organisations to achieve outstanding results by offering a complete and integrated portfolio that can address the implementation or improvement of the complete Management Framework and People Cycle, or specific projects, according to the customers’ needs and priorities. In more than 30 years of activity, we have developed and put into practice over 6,000 projects.

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