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Financial services to Zimbabwe and beyond

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CBZ’s diverse portfolio of products and services is delivered through six strategic business units namely – CBZ Bank, CBZ Life, CBZ Insurance, CBZ Asset management – t/a Datvest, CBZ Risk Advisory Services and CBZ Properties.

Through its innovative dynamic and customer-centric team of 1,337, CBZ is the preferred provider of financial solutions in Zimbabwe with a global reach, and brings convenience to its clients through innovation, efficient service delivery, competence and flexibility, whilst adhering to principles of integrity, transparency and fairness.

CBZ offers customer convenience and customer satisfaction by providing innovative low-cost products, utilising state-of-the-art technology efficiently and effectively, which enables the processing of high-speed and high volume transactions. In 2014 as part of its global reach initiatives, CBZ Asset Management Mauritius was incorporated to compliment the Group’s fundraising initiatives.

CBZ’s service offering is premised on the ‘one stop shop’ concept through its extensive branch and agency banking network established through strategic partnership. These include 63 CBZ Bank branches and over 400 agencies nationwide. From 2012 to 2015 CBZ has consistently been awarded the ‘Financial Services Superbrand’ of the year award by the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe in recognition of its excellent customer service record. The awards are a culmination of an extensive customer perception survey carried throughout Zimbabwe.

CBZ Holdings and its subsidiaries have fully constituted boards whose responsibility is to set the right tone from the top, ensuring that a robust governance structure is in place to enable the business to succeed and deliver long-term sustainable growth.

Funding Opportunities

CBZ has identified and built a pipeline of investment opportunities in and outside Zimbabwe. The company seeks to partner with likeminded investors in exploring these opportunities. Potential investment include equity, debt or both in the following sub sectors of the Zimbabwean economy:


Requiring an estimated US$2 billion (working capital) annually for optimal production. CBZ Bank is the largest lender to the sector, and intimately knows the sector’s specific requirements. The sector also has various CAPEX requirements


There are opportunities in the renewable energy sector(solar power), medical/ health facilities, road construction, infrastructure development, in which the Group is already actively involved.

Real Estate – Housing & Commercial

Across the board opportunities, including low cost housing, student accommodation and medium to low-density residential property development.


Transitional opportunities originating from the shift in economic activity to being SME and informal sector driven. The Group has strategically positioned the bank to take advantage of these opportunities through its ‘Business Banking’ division, which caters for SMEs and microfinance customers.

Microfinance & Informal Sectors

Opportunities for joint, responsible and impactful solutions for the micro-segments of the economy, e.g. micro loans, micro insurance and micro housing loans.

Our Key Milestones

    • 1980

Established as the Bank of Credit & Commerce Zimbabwe a joint venture between the Government of Zimbabwe and The Bank of Credit
& Commerce International.

    • 1991

Government of Zimbabwe acquires 100% shareholding through a rescue package: appointing a new management team at the
Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe.

    • 1996

Introduction of a Microfinance unit

    • 1997

The beginning of diversification. Amalgamated Banks of South Africa (ABSA) acquires a 25% stake to augment position as CBZ’s technical partner whilst International Finance Corporation acquires a 15% stake.

    • 2004-15

New vision ushered through the incorporation of a holding company CBZ Holdings Limited as well as acquisition of Datvest, an asset management company.

    • 2006

CBZ Insurance and CBZ Properties added to the growing portfolio.

    • 2007

Acquisition of Beverley Building Society, which was later operationally ‘divisionalised’ into CBZ Bank

    • 2010

CBZ Life incorporated to bring composite insurance services

    • 2014

CBZ Asset Management Mauritius incorporated to complement the Group’s fund raising initiatives.

    • 2015-19

A new vision launched: ‘To be the preferred provider of financial solution in Zimbabwe with a global reach.’

    • 2016

CBZ Risk Advisory incorporated to compliment Insurance operations.

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