18 June 2024

Regus: a smarter way to expand your business

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One of the biggest challenges of starting a business or expanding into new markets is the logistics of the workplace. Rental costs and facilities management issues can all too often distract a business from focusing on its core objectives, which is why the use of virtual offices is on the rise. As Europe’s largest economy, Germany is used to setting the continent’s commercial trends, and it’s here that Regus is finding its virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular. Germans love flexibility and in particular, a favourable work-life balance, so if you can have a professional team handling enquiries and managing your mail at a prestigious address, then why be tied to a rented space? German businesses are the masters of efficiency and this is exactly what Regus virtual offices provide and why they appeal to entrepreneurs and startups here.

It’s also why Regus virtual offices provide the perfect opportunity for global companies looking to expand into German markets. You can establish a presence in any of the major German cities, free of the administration and costs associated with setting up a premises in another country. Language is no barrier either, Regus’ professional team in Dusseldorf can provide a cross-border service that ensures your transition to new markets is seamless and efficient.

Regus offers two options: Virtual Office and Virtual Office Plus. Each provides you with a mailing address and a dedicated local telephone number, answering to your company name. Enquiries are then received and passed onto you in a professional manner. Mail can be received, and if required, sent to your primary business address.

The ‘Plus’ option gives you use of a private office at a location of your choosing five days per month – so when it’s time to meet stakeholders or entertain clients, you have a professional space right in the heart of the city.

With thousands of locations to choose from across Germany, Regus virtual offices provide all of the benefits of traditional office space without the expense.

The virtual offices are located within business centres that offer a wide range of amenities, including business lounges offering complementary internet, cafes providing coffee and tea, meeting rooms and video-conferencing. Regus business centres give customers a place to work and meet their clients as required.

Regus is in tune with the needs of business and has virtual offices across Germany’s key locations. These include within Frankfurt’s financial district, near the airport in Dusseldorf or close to the central train station in Berlin.
Every day new businesses in Germany are finding out why the virtual office solution from Regus makes so much sense. Maybe it’s time you join them.

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