19 April 2024

Why FBS should be your FX broker of choice

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FBS has been operating across the global financial markets since 2009, developing and expanding all the time. To date, 3,000,000 traders and 130,000 partners have chosen FBS as their FX broker.

With FBS it’s not only about trading: the right trading conditions should be accompanied by professional customer support, training and education. Constantly improving its services has always been high on FBS’s agenda, and over the years the broker has been acknowledged with awards in different categories, including, ‘Best Forex Broker Southeast Asia 2017’, ‘Best Risk Management Broker Asia 2016’, and ‘Best Contests Promotions Trading Conditions’.

Training and education

To ensure the best customer experience, FBS organises seminars and special events, providing clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and the latest forex strategies. Both new and established traders find these sessions useful. All meetings take place in a family-like atmosphere, and delegates can enjoy the company of FBS’s leading traders and partners.

FBS has an expert analytics department that can help traders to learn the various processes and achieve profits securely. The analysts are from different countries and are professional traders themselves. The education and analytics provided by FBS is of a great benefit to both professional traders and those just starting out on forex. Traders can be sure that they will never be alone on the path to success.

Different accounts

FBS has six different account types to meet the needs of every trader. Starting from the Cent account, that requires a minimal deposit of just $1, right through to the brand-new ECN account, which has the lowest spreads and fastest market execution.

Contests and promotionsFBS has regular promotions for all kinds of traders. These include special welcome bonuses for new customers, which allow users to start trading without deposits. There are also bonuses for the advanced traders. Full information is available via the FBS website.

IB Program

FBS is also known for its great affiliate programme with three-level commission payments, monthly rewards of $500-plus to the basic income, commission on EUR/USD – $15 per lot, VIP services, personal regional managers and more.

Good deeds

FBS has been helping to bring positive change through its charitable campaigns for quite some time. Among them, the Ramadan promotion of 2016 helped to raise $20,000 for six charitable organisations to improve the lives of children and adults. The funds were gathered due to FBS forwarding the entire amount of spread and IB commission to the charities.

Earlier that year FBS held the ‘FBS does good’ promotion in Thailand. The managers and staff of the FBS Bangna office visited a foster home and brought food for the children.

The Ramadan promotions of 2014 and 2015 were extremely successful – together, the FBS team and traders managed to raise $56,939 and $57,659 correspondingly and support hundreds of people in need.

Another notable charitable promotion is the ‘Dreams Come True’ contest. Every month FBS fulfills a wish for a likely winner, somewhere in the world. This competition is loved not only by the traders, but even by people who don’t trade. FBS has already provided an electric wheelchair to a disabled woman, dental treatment, cattle, and many other things to people in need.

Professional customer support

What is the secret of FBS success? Much of this is down to the great team of professionals at the core of FBS. Support is provided 24/7 in 19 languages. Eighty per cent of clients stay with FBS forever, this fact speaks for itself.
If you are looking for a reliable and honest broker, consider opening an account with FBS. You will be surprised how easy and comfortable trading on forex can be when there is a professional company standing behind you.

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