24 April 2024

Boutique investment for the Latin American market

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Vantrust was established in 2006 as an investment office run by multiple shareholders and led by Patricio Nazal. Eleven years later, the company has consistently achieved a solid performance as a financial boutique in the competitive and demanding Chilean market.

Vantrust began operating in a highly challenging and complex financial and economic environment. Not long after it was established, Vantrust faced the financial crisis of 2008 – as anyone in the business world knows, the scale of the crisis was almost unprecedented and created huge uncertainty.

After the crisis subsided, changes took place in the company’s ownership. In addition to the departure of the main shareholder, Alberto Hurtado, new shareholders arrived: the Sabag and Selman families, who were well known entrepreneurs in the areas of retail, consumer goods and real estate.

In 2009, Julio Náray joined the company as a partner in charge of the asset management area and to generate alternative funds to the traditional options offered by the banks. Success in the structuring and management of private investment funds was underway, an area which has since grown, both in the number of managed funds and the size of the funds.

At the very beginning, Vantrust’s first real estate fund took more than six months to be placed with investors. This year, the latest real estate fund, which is much larger than the first, was placed in less than a month.

Currently, Vantrust Capital has four types of funds:

  • Real Estate Investment Funds, where there are two different strategies. The first is focused on property and housing developments, where the main driver is the speed of sale of each product. The second focuses on industrial, warehouse and commercial rent.
  • Energy Investment Funds on non-conventional energy (ERNC).
  • Non-Real Estate Investment Funds, which are characterised by financing the working capital of companies, buying and selling product-based or service companies, buying portfolios of delinquent clients from big retail chains, etc.
  • Traditional Financial Funds, which cover three different segments; money market funds (or liquidity) in pesos and dollars, long-term funds in pesos and dollars and arbitrage rates in pesos.General Manager
    Patricio Nazal is a Vantrust Capital founding member who is currently responsible for the operation and growth of the Brokerage House and Asset Management divisions. Under his management, Vantrust Capital has achieved nationwide recognition. Before setting up the company, Nazal was finance manager at Banco A. Edwards and international area manager at Banco de Chile. He has a degree in Business Administration and MBA from Adolfo Ibáñez University. Nazal holds an MSc in Mathematical Trading and Finance from the University of London and an MSc in Finance from London Business School.

    Julio Náray

    Vantrust Director Julio Náray has 23 years of experience in investment, in areas that range from stock brokerage to private and mutual fund management. He worked as the investment division manager at Banchile AGF (2001–2008), a subsidiary of Banco de Chile, which in 2008 produced 20% of the bank’s profits and reached a 27% market share in mutual funds. Náray has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Santiago de Chile and an MBA from UAI/UCLA. He is recognised as one of the leaders of the biggest strategic alliances reached between two largest commercial private banks: Banco de Chile and Bradesco (2007).Ignacio Barrera
    Director of Investments

    Backed by 25 years of experience in the Chilean financial services system, Barrera has been employed at international banks in global markets, foreign exchange, fixed income and derivative products departments. Before joining Vantrust, he was head of Global Markets at HSBC Chile for 11 years. He led HSBC to become number one in Chilean peso transactions according to the Euromoney Global FX Survey. Barrera was also trading and sales manager at BankBoston NA. He has been a lecturer at multiple seminars on financial derivatives and an economics and finance teacher. Barrera has vast experience in developing tailor-made customer-focused products and solutions as well as staff training. He has a degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and obtained a diploma in Leadership and Coaching from the School of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

    Gabriela Salvador
    Commercial Manager

    Gabriela Salvador is a commercial engineer of the University of Chile with 21 years’ experience in the financial market – a proven banking experience that has given her a deep understanding of the sector. Prior to joining Vantrust Capital she held various management and divisional charges at CorpBanca, Banco de Chile and Citibank. She has ample experience in foreign trade financing, leasing, factoring, insurance brokerage, mortgage, cash management and retail and corporate banking.

    The Vantrust Capital management team.
    From left: Ignacio Barrera, Patricio Nazal, Julio Náray, and Gabriela Salvador

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