17 June 2024

Nor-Shipping 2017

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From 30 May to 2 June around 35,000 delegates from more than 80 countries are expected to be present in Oslo for one of the maritime sectors leading events, Nor-Shipping. The event acts as an innovation accelerator and merges key influences from the maritime sector with entrepreneurs and players from across the energy and tech sectors. Ultimately Nor-Shipping aims to drive development by challenging convention and nurturing a ‘disrupt from within’ mindset across the maritime industry.

The central theme of the event is ‘disruptive sustainability’, which seeks to penetrate the digital and sustainability-oriented shifts affecting the maritime industry.

Nor-Shipping Director Birgit Liodden elaborates: “Though the maritime industry may be perceived as conventional, the level of technological solutions and innovations is actually quite mind-blowing”, she says.

“NASA look to ocean space actors when developing outer space projects and both autonomous technologies as well as artificial intelligence are already implemented across a vast span of maritime related segments and operations.

“But as the maritime industry now face two parallel shifts on rapid digital transformation as well as the need for more sustainable solutions, we wanted to provide the industry with a physical platform to explore the future through collaborative projects and technologies, gaining new insights and inspiration to bring back home.”

Andrew McKeon, founder of consulting firm BusinessClimate had his own definition in 2013: “When a high performance zero-emissions automobile can be driven from New York to Boston, with a half-hour pit stop for refuelling – and the fuel is free – that’s disruptive sustainability.”

A significant number of maritime innovations originated in Norway, which is seen by many as akin to Silicon Valley when it comes to the advanced solutions and technologies for the sector. Nor-Shipping showcases collaborative initiatives, whereby leading companies join startups and where tech, maritime industries and the energy sector meet across traditional structures.

A host of cutting-edge exhibitors and partners are already confirmed, including Microsoft, DNV GL, Siemens, ABB, as well as entrepreneurs and a range of shipowners, NGOs, innovation and technology clusters, banks and investors. A range of groundbreaking zero-emission shipping technology and concepts will be among the highlights, as industry gears up for the implementation of COP21 initiatives.

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