19 April 2024

A calm approach to investment

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DPM Finanzas is a Spanish company that specialises in financial advice and operates as an independent Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) Registered Investment Advisor. Its main services include providing financial advice, financial planning, economic reports and corporate finance.

Spain offers a great deal to those looking to establish M&A operations and partnerships with Spanish companies which, having faced the financial crisis of recent years are well positioned to relaunch and develop. To facilitate this, DPM Finanzas has made corporate finance services the backbone of its operations.

DPM Finanzas’s corporate suite provides financial advisory services to a range of companies, including family offices, private equity, corporates and family businesses. DPM Finanzas prioritise its clients’ interests, eliminating barriers and creating long-lasting relationships based on trust, excellence, independence, transparency, innovation and teamwork.

Currently, DPM Finanzas’s corporate services cover:

  • M&A advisory: includes all aspects of buy-side and sell-side M&A, as well as mergers, spin-offs and leveraged buyouts (LBOs, MBOs, MBIs, etc.) or preparation of economic reports and fairness opinions.
  • Debt & capital advisory: study and analysis of optimal capital structure and debt capacity; identification of available funding options and financing alternatives; analysis of restructuring and reorganisation alternatives and help with the implementation of a chosen strategy through negotiation (waivers, covenants, renegotiations, documentation, etc.) with key debt and capital providers.
  • Business/management strategy: strategic alliances and joint ventures, strategic plans definition, governance, business plan development and turn-around process, senior management advisory and assistance to the management team on transformation process.

DPM Finanzas’s team of senior executives are involved entirely in all the projects and processes described, acting as a chief restructuring officer (CRO) and actively participating in the different functions as required.

The company’s track record and the extensive experience of its partners speaks for itself. The team have worked as CEOs and CFOs in different companies both multinational and national, making DPM Finanzas one of the most relevant and trusted Spanish companies in its area of ​​competence.

DPM’s team of partners is comprised of Carlos Farrás, ex-Head of Investments at Barclays Spain, who has more than 17 years of experience in the financial markets, Alfonso Valdivielso, ex-Head of Private Banking at Barclays Spain & Portugal with more than 22 years’ experience of financial markets, Jose Miguel Murgui and Jorge Farrás. Miguel Murgui and Farrás have each been CFOs and CEOs of multinational companies and have more than 40 years of experience each.

DPM Finanzas believe being properly advised is not a guarantee of success but it reduces the likelihood of failure.

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