9:42 AM, March 31, 2023

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Half of counteroffers successful as hiring crisis continues

European markets fall as investors are rattled by worries about an escalation of Ukraine crisis

Ukraine conflict set to cost international tourism $10.6bn

Corporate world builds up fortress to isolate Russia from the international business community

The complexity of imposing sanctions on Russia, and how to overcome the challenges

UK business profit margins hit hard as pricing strategies struggle to keep pace with supply chain disruption

Stocks gain ground as first signs emerge that Russia may be pulling back from brink of war

Cutting down on gifts or going into debt for Valentine’s Day – Europeans’ attitudes differ

Experts count coffee trees in brazil as prices hit 10-year highs 

UK’s brave face workplace culture takes its toll as 79% of finance workers surveyed now suffer from ‘pleasanteeism’ 

2022 – The year of the young entrepreneur

Welcome to Lisbon’s world of ideas

Chinese thinktank proposes growth target of above 5% for 2022

Germany boosts its climate fund with €60bn injection

Practical advice for businesses on coping with another variant

The Bank of London launches today as the world’s first purpose-built global clearing, agency & transaction bank

Anxiety attack on the financial markets shows some signs of alleviating

Planes take the strain over fears about soaring infections in Europe affecting bookings

A foundation for success

Realising the true value of health economics

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