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Oil losses as gloom grows over soaring COVID-19 cases

German industrial output surges on booming car sales

Global Markets: Asian shares ease from record high

More supermarkets return covid relief rates

Global Markets: Asian shares vault to record high as U.S. stimulus seen within reach

Global Markets React to Vaccine Approval

S&P Global to buy IHS Markit for $44 billion

Stocks rest after vaccine progress, dollar stuck at 2-1/2 year low

The European release their Summer 2020 Edition

Two-thirds of UK public sector organizations optimistic about post-COVID IT future

Does the EU carbon market have the right policy for cars?

Covid-19 causes business debt to drop by £189 million

The EU is considering a climate target for every decade

Europe’s travel recovery stalls in August

Brits are avoiding public transport as they’re urged to head back to work

UK government to work on testing as quarantine alternative

10,000 databases with more than 10 billion credentials exposed

How’s the progress with Britain making post-Brexit trade deals?

IFC Announces $50 Million Loan to Equity Bank

Samsung and iZettle Join Forces to Support Small Businesses

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