25 May 2024

The European offers recognition to MENA’s most progressive companies.

No other part of the world has been in the spotlight more than the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) over the last few years. Not only is the region home to the bulk of the world’s energy resources, but it also hosts a booming young population and a vibrant mix of ethnicities and cultures. Two years ago, the Arab Spring, starting from Tunisia and Egypt, boosted hopes for a more democratic region, a transition that would also pave the way for economic reforms. While the region is still on the lookout for a model of leadership that will bring political stability, it is profiting from a generation of business organisations who have been able to seize the initiative and ensure that the MENA economy is globally competitive.

About the MENA Awards 2013
The European’s MENA Awards 2013 seeks to highlight the companies excelling in their respective fields, those enabling the region’s economy to become ever more resilient and fulfill its undoubted potential on the international stage. With the help of our research team and with invaluable feedback from our readers, we offer our recognition to MENA’s most progressive companies.

The 2013 MENA Award Winners

Illusions Online
Travel Technology Company of the Year – MENA

Action Real Estate Company
Retail Real Estate Development Company of the Year

Paris Gallery
Luxury Retail Company of the Year

Al Rowads
IT Company of the Year

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
Education Provider of the Year

Aderee (L’Agence Nationale pour le Développement des Energies Renouvelables et de l’Efficacité Energétique)
Energy Company of the Year

Barwa Bank – Steve Troop
Banking CEO of the Year

Corporate Travel Management Company of the Year

Corporate Governance Company of the Year

Environmental Solutions Provider of the Year

Business Group of the Year

Anassi Groupe Jamai
Construction Company of the Year

Invest in Morocco
FDI Agency of the Year

Best Bank in the Middle East

Best Bank in Lebanon

Outstanding Achievement in Interior Turnkey Solutions

Saudi Private Aviation
Private Aviation Company of the Year

Telecommunications Company of the Year

Dar Al-Arkan
Corporate Governance Company of the Year

Oil & Gas Company of the Year

Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance
Insurance Company of the Year

Best Banking Group Africa

The Wall Investment Company
Real Estate Investment Company of the Year

Manufacturing Company of the Year

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