18 May 2024

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Low taxes and a pro-business attitude combines with world-class R&D and manufacturing to make Missouri the heartbeat of the USA

Believe it or not, many international companies regard the USA as a few coastal states with a vast unknown centre. To many, it’s almost like the dark side of the moon! You know there’s something there, but you have no idea what, and you have no idea if it’s important.

At the centre of the centre of the USA is the state of Missouri. And it’s a state that catches many companies by surprise. A good surprise. Missouri has a reputation for delivering more than expected for companies, entrepreneurs, visitors and talent. The state is in the heart of America, where adventure, natural beauty, diverse assets, global industry and affordability merge to create a place where people and businesses thrive.

More connected

Missouri is what is called “Midwest Rooted.” It sits at the centre of North America, surrounded by eight states. The Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers converge in Missouri, creating a prime asset for both business and recreation. Missouri’s central Midwest location puts companies in the heart of the nation’s population centre. Several airports across the state provide non-stop access to more than 70 domestic and international destinations, including a brand-new direct route between Frankfurt, Germany, and St. Louis. It is also the birthplace of the US Interstate System and has the seventh largest highway system in the US, including major interstates I-29, I-35, I-44, I-55, I-64 and I-70.

"Missouri is a place where high quality of life meets low cost"

Missouri’s largest metropolitan areas include St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia. You may have heard of the Arch and Budweiser in St. Louis or the American Football Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City. With more than six million people spread across nearly 70,000 square miles (approx. 181,299 sq.km) Missouri’s geography and assets are as diverse as the state is expansive. Midwest rooted and globally connected makes Missouri the state with more.

More success

When it comes to business environment, Missouri stands out. In Missouri, you can forget the egos and complications that sometimes come with doing business. In Missouri, they are no-nonsense. State government focuses on infrastructure, workforce development, and keeping costs low, all while staying out of the way so that businesses can actually do business.

And Missouri is a place where high quality of life meets low cost. It was recently ranked the top state for low cost of doing business, securing its position as the most affordable location for companies to operate. Missouri boasts a 4% corporate tax rate. Yes, that’s “4%,” making Missouri home of the second lowest rate among states with corporate income tax, and third best when indexed against every other state. And the state has held a AAA bond rating for more than 50 years. As a result, Missouri is a long time top-ranked state for business, with a low-risk, safe and stable business environment. Minimal regulations plus maximum growth equals more business success in Missouri.

Low taxes and a pro-business attitude helped Missouri become one of the most economically diverse states in the US – and one that is connected to the world. Top industries in the state include aerospace and defence, manufacturing, food and beverage, human and animal health, agritech, geospatial and financial services. Companies such as Square, Meta, Cerner, Emerson, Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, and Pfizer all call Missouri home.

More living

Missouri’s natural beauty and outdoor recreation offer the opportunity to unplug outside of work and unwind in whatever way you like best. Much of Missouri is located in the Ozark Highlands, with numerous lakes and rivers for enjoyment along with 91 state parks and historic sites, including the 240- mile Katy Trail, which bisects the entire state and spotlights charming communities with convenient lodging and dining stops along the way. Missouri is also home to the first American Viticultural Area and boasts more than 130 wineries, many of them nationally acclaimed, more than 110 breweries, and more than 50 distilleries.

If it’s arts and culture you seek, Missouri sets a high bar. Visitors and residents enjoy Broadway-style shows, museums, live music and more. Missouri is also great for sports, with elite teams including the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, and St. Louis Blues all based in the state. Missouri boasts that you will find more here than expected. And it’s true.

More talent

Missouri also has talent. Missouri is known for their strong Midwestern work ethic, competitive labour market and diverse industry base. And with training programmes like the customisable Missouri One Start and Apprenticeship Missouri – one of the most successful apprenticeship programs in the US – Missouri is committed at all levels to ensuring talent is upskilled and companies have a strong talent pipeline.

That pipeline is fed by a strong network of educational institutions across the state, ranging from public (4-year) universities to more than 100 independent colleges, specialised technical colleges, independent colleges, and private career schools. State Technical College of Missouri was ranked No. 1 among US community colleges. The University of Missouri is ranked No. 7 in US graduate schools. And Washington University in St. Louis and Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla were recognised by CNBC as two of the colleges in the U.S. that pay off the most.

Whether your company is looking for more access, more affordability, more talent, more connections, more global partners, more adventure or just a more pro-business environment, Missouri is totally committed to delivering everything, and more.

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