17 June 2024

Do consumers care about price or product safety?

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With the recent growth in online shopping comes a corresponding rise in safety risks for the consumer

When a new product is launched, brands take product safety very seriously and invest a lot of time and money to ensure it is safe and won’t cause harm.

Without doubt, consumers look for safety in products to ensure their wellbeing. Whether it is a baby carrier to cradle and protect a young child, or an airbag to provide a soft cushion and restraint for those inside a car in the event of a crash.

Yet, price still seems to be the dominant concern for todays’ shoppers. With most shops closed due to COVID19 restrictions, many more consumers have chosen to use the internet to buy a wider range of articles. This has increasingly meant that consumers are carrying out more, online, research to compare prices and special offers before making a purchase.

According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the proportion of UK, online sales in January 2021 rose to 35.2%; compared with 19.5% in January last year. The highest rise on record.

With the recent growth in online shopping comes a corresponding rise in safety risks for the consumer. The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has been warning online shoppers of the dangers they face.

“Online shoppers are an easy target for criminals trying to offload fake products. Counterfeit products simply don’t go through the same rigorous safety and compliance tests that legitimate products face. In fact, there are simply no checks on these types of products and this is putting the consumer at greater risk.

“As Easter approaches, we’re calling on consumers to be careful. Only buy from legitimate online sources and websites. If not, you could simply be putting your family and friends in real danger. They will have no idea that their present could be potentially unsafe or hazardous” commented Phil Lewis, ACG’s Director General.

Counterfeit goods are sold at low and often very tempting prices and the criminals involved have no care or conscience. It is a criminal offence to sell fake goods or to give a false description of goods. To report a company selling counterfeit products contact trading standards or Citizens Advice Hotline on 08454 040506.

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