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€600m worth of vaccines distributed in EU with Pfizer dominating market

| The European | 18 March 2021

Data calculated by Finbold indicates that the value of Covid-19 vaccines administered within the European Union and European Economic Area countries is €624.93 million as of March 17, 2021

Pfizer/BioNTech accounts for the highest value at €520.94 million, followed by Moderna at €58.4 million, while AstraZeneca holds the third spot at €28.24 million. Sinopharm (BBIBV-CorV) vaccine has a value of €16.5 million, followed by Sputnik V at €1.19 million.

The value is for 64,534,641 total vaccine doses distributed from the manufacturers. Pfizer/BioNTech dominates with 43,412,284 for administered doses or 67.27% of the share. AstraZeneca is second at 15,866,627, representing a share of 25.59%. A total of 3,841,815 Moderna vaccines have been distributed to account for 5.95% of the total share.

Vaccine from other unknown manufacturers is third at 717,915 representing 1.15%. Sinopharm (BBIBV-CorV) occupies the fourth spot at 550,000 (0.88%), and Sputnik V (0.23%)

Vaccine price motivated by the need for mass vaccination

The report highlights the intrigues behind the vaccine prices in the EU/EEA region. According to the research report:

“Although the EU/EEA region appears not to have an issue with the financial aspects in acquiring the vaccines, each manufacturer’s price is in line with the urgent global health emergency aimed at promoting widespread vaccination. Despite the vaccine supply presenting a perfect opportunity for making profits, companies like AstraZeneca have committed not to financially benefit from the pandemic setting cheap prices, contributing to its popularity.”

With about three months into the vaccine rollout, the region is still struggling due to supply constraints, political infighting, and confusion among the public.

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