20 April 2024

Life is better in Guernsey

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When is the right time to make a move to a better life? Perhaps now is an ideal time to consider what living in Guernsey could mean to you. Are you happy living where you do now? Do you always feel safe and secure? Is your work-life balance perfect? Do you feel in control, or are things more complicated and inconvenient than they used to be? So how about living somewhere which is safe and beautiful, enjoys a strong sense of community, has its own laws, with one level of income tax and no corporation tax? These are some of the reasons Guernsey is welcoming people who are looking for a safe, secure and convenient way of life.

Always adapting, Guernsey has become a successful specialist finance centre. As a self-governing British Crown Dependency, Guernsey is largely unaffected by Brexit, but is working with the UK Government to ensure any implications are managed positively. It is well connected in every sense – just 35 minutes by air from London Gatwick – there is the added convenience of flights to 14 other UK airports as well as ferry links to the UK, the neighbouring Channel Islands and France.

As a British or EEA member country passport holder you can simply relocate; Guernsey’s unique Open Market category of properties makes this possible. As an added incentive, if you purchase an Open Market Part A home for £1.32m or more within the first 12 months of residence you can enjoy a tax cap of £50k per annum for up to four years*. There are no inheritance, capital gains, wealth, gift or estate taxes and no VAT; personal income is taxed at a flat rate of 20% and the majority of businesses pay 0% Corporation Tax.

Guernsey’s schools offer an excellent education based on the British system with average GCSE and A Level pass rates being higher than the UK and any of our neighbouring islands. Guernsey also enjoys high quality medical care with easy access to first-rate treatment and highly qualified, locally-based doctors and specialists.

But it is perhaps how you feel in yourself that will be your greatest benefit – this is what people who have made the move say.

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* This feature has been prepared for general guidance and interest only, and does not constitute professional advice. No liability is accepted for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the content and the same is specifically excluded. 

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