17 June 2024

5 features to look forward to the Summer edition of The European

| The European |

As unpredictability reigns supreme in the realm of politics, The European stays dedicated to bringing you insightful material from businesses and companies around the world. And with the Summer edition of our print magazine being featured at the 45th G7 Summit in France, we have so many amazing features to show you.

Let’s have a quick look at some of them now:

BNF Bank (Cover Story)

Having been selected as The European’s Best SME Partner Bank in Malta, we take a look at just how BNF Bank have achieved such success. We look at the bank’s new product BNF Business Accelerate, and how they are helping Maltese businesses to receive their potential.


The fastest growing trading portal out there takes us on a tour of their recent accomplishments. Including their partnership with champions Manchester City F.C. and their new platform WebTrader, providing a simple, intuitive solution to online trading.


Head of Digital Business Solutions at Fujitsu EMEIA Yves de Beauregard explains to us why businesses need to promote transparency in their integration of next-generation technology. The workplace has completely transformed, and it’s imperative that companies need to understand the importance of implementation.

EBACE 2019

We give a rundown of EBACE 2019. The event included speakers and exhibitions focusing on new products, new business models, new investment opportunities, for a new generation of aviation professionals determined to make their mark.


Our own Finbarr Toesland explores PegaWorld, the yearly event exploring digital transformation. This years main concern was the Internet of Things, and how digital innovation must be suited to the needs of every customer.

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