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Bangladesh: your next investment destination

Foreign Direct Investment
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Bangladesh – one of the most exciting economies in South Asia – is ready to move to the next level. Currently a lower-middle income country, Bangladesh will hit the upper-middle income bracket by 2021. During the last decade, Bangladesh has scaled new heights across most of its development indicators – both economic and societal. It posted over 7% annual GDP growth over the last three years, while standard of living, life expectancy, child mortality rate and many other social indicators reached new highs. In 2018, GDP growth rate reached 7.86%, out-performing India and all other South Asian economies. According to a UN report, Bangladesh will be the third fastest growing economy in the world in terms of its GDP in 2019.

Beside supporting entrepreneurs with capital, Bangladesh is also financing the vast infrastructural requirements so essential to maintaining GDP growth. Historically, Bangladesh’s capital market (the third largest in South Asia) contributed to its industrialisation, development of infrastructure and overall economic growth. In order to facilitate this growth, Bangladesh’s capital market will play a pivotal role in financing entrepreneurs and public initiatives, including the government’s large infrastructure projects, through bonds and equities.

International investors are invited to explore a market that is rich in potential. Foreign investors can invest in this growing stock market with easy access to information, transparency and smooth repatriation of their investments. Several international banks are providing custodial services to facilitate foreign investments in Bangladesh. Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited (DSE), which was established in 1954 is an automated stock exchange with cutting-edge trading technology from Nasdaq, Flextrade, and Trapets, and provides a range of information to investors keen to invest in Bangladesh stock market.

In recent years, a number of leading global institutions have joined DSE as partners in different roles; this includes an acquisition of a 25% stake of DSE by a consortium of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange as a strategic investor.

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