18 May 2024

The UAE’s media powerhouse

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The Pyramedia Media Production and Consulting Company provides world-class media services across the full spectrum of television and film production, events management, and public relations. Its brief also extends to social media, media consultancy, marketing and advertising, making Pyramedia the only company in the Middle East to offer such a diverse range of services. Its award-winning team is assembled from across different disciplines, adding exceptional value to its clients’ media experience with unrivalled creativity and skill.

The company is divided into different subsidiaries, including: PyraStars for talent management, PyraSports for sports business enterprise, PyraDocs for documentary creation, PyraPublishing for the development of content, and PyraMovies for the production of feature films.

The company is acclaimed in the Middle East for producing several major television shows. Of these the most viewed are The Millions Poet and Prince of Poets – cultural shows that help to preserve the culture and heritage of Arabic poetry.
Productions that have been recognised by the Rose d’Or and the Association for International Broadcasting, include The Buzzer and the Nashwa show. Pyramedia also produces The Morning Show on Abu Dhabi TV and The Evening Show on Emarat TV in the UAE and has developed a brand new format for 2019 – Al Zaman Al Jameel – a talent show that draws inspiration from the Arab world’s golden age of music.


Pyramedia’s goal is to exceed expectations. It provides clients with tailored solutions that are big on creativity and excel in efficiency. The company ensures that it maintains the highest quality of service by assembling a team that is the best in the business. When scouting for staff, Pyramedia is always on the look out for cutting-edge talent – for those who break the mould with their fresh and innovative approach to the ever-changing media industry.
Media has transformed over the last decade. Today, the traditional broadcasting world must keep pace with the digital world, or be left behind. The sheer number of high-quality options available puts the consumer in control, switching between online and mainstream entertainment at the touch of a button. At the vanguard of this evolution, Pyramedia ensures that its young and dynamic team is always ahead of the technology curve – enabling its clients to receive the most progressive solutions, whatever their needs.
Pyramedia also ensures that it is always one step ahead in the ideas and technologies that are used for its range of productions, which can be delivered with expert marketing support. Having expanded its PR services, the company was selected as the media arm for The National Festival of Heritage and Culture in Saudi Arabia – Janadria which is the region’s largest cultural festival.

Leading the company

Pyramedia is led by Nashwa Al Ruwaini – a prominent and highly renowned Arab business woman with vast experience in the media field.
Ms Al Ruwaini is currently Board Member and CEO of Pyramedia, CEO of Al Joude Investments, CEO of Al Joude Advertising and Publicity, as well as CEO of Delma Medical Centre, and Founder of Nashwa Jewellery (an exclusive pearl collection) and Al Majlis Restaurant and Café chain. Ms Al Ruwaini is also the Founder and Chairman of the Nashwa Foundation, a charity that is dedicated to philanthropic work across the Arab world.

Ms Al Ruwaini was also co-founder and Board Member of the Middle East Film Festival, Abu Dhabi, which later became the Abu Dhabi Film Festival – a leading event frequented by some of the film industry’s most famous international names.

Additionally, she was appointed member of the jury for the International Digital Emmy and is an appointed member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the United States. Ms Al Ruwaini has also pioneered the “Muslims on Screen and Television” initiative, which aims to improve and correct the image of Muslims on television and in films across the globe.

Using her extensive experience in media consulting, Ms Al Ruwaini has provided counsel to an esteemed portfolio of government and private sector clients across the Middle East. She has also consulted for famous Hollywood movies, including Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the Caribbean, Syriana and Aladdin.

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