13 June 2024

Lisbon: city of opportunity

Foreign Direct Investment
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Lisbon wins the heart of everyone who visits. Historic monuments, sunshine, stunning beaches, delicious food and bustling streets are just a part of what the city has to offer. The tourism boom has created a wealth of opportunities for locals and many businesses are flourishing.

Creativity is everywhere, and commercial opportunities are springing up all over the streets. In the recent years, a host of startups and new businesses have grown in the city, bringing innovation to the most diverse areas and attracting the attention of foreign investors. All of which has turned Lisbon into one of Europe’s most attractive capitals.

The great climate in Portugal is not just about the sunshine. The economic environment is attracting investors to start new businesses and adopt the country as their new home.

Deutsche Bank Portugal has become a crucial partner for foreign investors offering short, medium, and long-term solutions for investment funds, structured products and other products.

The private banking team comprises highly qualified professionals who are specialise in financial investments. They offer outstanding financial products that match the profile and needs of each customer, combining the personal touch of a private bank with the performance of one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

At Deutsche Bank Portugal, private banking customers are assigned a personal financial advisor who can suggest the most appropriate financial solution for each client.

The aim at the Deutsche Bank’s private banking is to increase its customers’ assets. The bank distributes the investment funds of the most prestigious international management institutions and ensures the diversification of investment portfolios. This is achieved by working with over 250 investment opportunities, adding value and providing financial advice in different areas including financial assets, real estate, and investment banking. In Lisbon, there are plenty opportunities to capitalise on your assets.

Deutsche Bank Portugal is the ideal partner to support you in achieving your goals and managing your investments.

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