18 May 2024

Committed to the growth of Angola

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Incorporated in 2006 and with headquarters in Luanda, Banco de Negócios Internacional, SA (BANCO BNI) is a modern and agile bank, which is playing a leading role in the development of Angola.

Banco BNI’s culture is based on a transparent and dedicated approach to ensuring sustained growth and seeks to balance medium-term investment and short-term returns. The bank operates in the private, corporate and institutional segments, providing a global financial service that adapts to the needs of the client.

Banco BNI’s head office in Luanda

The bank’s goal is to deliver value to its stakeholders and satisfaction to its clients. It offers innovative and competitive solutions with high standards of ethics, transparency and rigour. Banco BNI also seeks to expand to new business segments, establishing strategically selected and solid partnerships in line with its values: confidence, rigour, innovation and teamwork.

Banco BNI aspires to be a model of financial sustainability, operational efficiency and to uphold a strong image in the national and international marketplace. As one of the leading banks in Angola, BNI has an indepth knowledge of the nation’s financial sector and specialises in the following areas:

Private Banking – Dedicated to face-to-face clients service within the private segment, BNI offers an exclusive independent back office, guaranteeing total confidentiality and quick execution.

  • Corporate Banking – With a focus on assisting large companies, SMEs and public sector organisations.
  • Investment Banking – BNI advises and provides customised solutions with the purpose of promoting value at different levels of investment according to the profile of the client. It also offers diversified investment solutions in real estate investment funds, treasury bonds, central bank securities, treasury bills.
  • International Products and Services – Comprises Correspondent Banking, i.e international payments in FX and letters of credit, and Trade Finance, i.e. financial transactions involving the exports and imports.
  • Export Credit Finance – Financial solutions which go hand in hand with export credit agencies.
  • Treasury Management – Treasury management solutions tailored to client needs, including interest-bearing current accounts, pledged accounts, foreign exchange operations, commercial papers and Indexed Deposits
  • Consultancy – Innovation and flexibility to client requirements across the investment banking arena.


Banco BNI is one of the leading players on the Angolan Debt and Stock Exchange (BODIVA) and maintains partnerships with global financial services providers in order to provide customers with access to the main global markets of shares, options and futures. Ultimately, Banco BNI is driven by its commitment to the economic growth of Angola.

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