17 April 2024

Take your business to the world

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With hundreds of expert speakers, suppliers and masterclasses, Going Global Live provides everything needed for the most ambitious business owners looking to seize the global marketplace. From advice on marketing and cracking new markets to all the expertise needed on overseas logistics and operations, plus incredible networking opportunities, this event is one not to be missed!

Only at Going Global Live will you be able to hear from exporting champions on the keynote stage and international trade advisors from the Department for International Trade, as well as businesses from all over the globe showcasing their products and sharing their experiences and expertise in trading internationally.

Going Global Live is run alongside The Business Show – which will be celebrating its 40th edition in November, with over 25,000 business owners in attendance.

Here is what a couple of previous exhibitors and speakers have to say about their experience at Going Global:

“This was our first time attending the trade show. Gavin and his team were excellent, very helpful and hands-on in guiding us through the process. Throughout the weekend, we had well over 100 visitors at the Incorp China booth. Prysm Group continues to complete regular follow-ups as we are already working with multiple new clients eager to establish a presence in China. I would highly recommend this event to anyone looking to go global with their business.” – CEO Robert Fisch, Keynote Speaker.

“Going Global has turned out to be something very unique. We’ve been to many exhibitions in the past, but here we have met a lot of prospects. It’s not so much about the quantity of prospects, but rather the quality. Going Global sure has delivered in terms of visitor quality.” – Rupa Jha & Azhar Sheikh, Founders of Black Swan.

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit there isn’t a more relevant show that you could attend.

Your free ticket for Going Global will also get you into the Foreign Direct Investment Expo; the No.1 show connecting ambitious firms with international investment opportunities, as well as the infamous event, The Business Show, which will be celebrating its 40th edition.

Further information

For free tickets to the event, go to www.goinggloballive.co.uk

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