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Going Global

Foreign Direct Investment
| The European | 15 August 2018

Designed for businesses looking to set up operations abroad and trade across the world, the event will offer 100’s of expert speakers, suppliers and masterclasses and welcome 1000’s of visitors through the doors.

Ambitious business owners will be able to access everything they need to seize the global market; from advice on marketing and cracking new markets to all the expertise needed on overseas logistics and operations, plus incredible networking opportunities, this event is one not to be missed!

So far 2018 has been packed with some of the most significant political developments in decades, changes that will impact the world’s biggest trade agreements and transform the way UK companies conduct business in the future. Throughout this turbulent time period Going Global remains an important platform for businesses to discover the much needed answers to questions on international trade, potential pitfalls and opportunities.

Event Director, Gavin Harris explains: “Breaking into new international markets can be daunting for any business, especially in the current political climate, I believe that this makes Going Global more essential and unmissable than ever. We will deliver high quality seminar sessions, workshops and debates designed to inspire and showcase the routes to the most lucrative markets and plentiful trading options”.

Going Global will also run alongside the Foreign Direct Investment Expo; the No.1 show connecting ambitious firms with international investment opportunities, as well as the infamous event, The Business Show which will be celebrating its 40th edition.

For more information and to register for your free ticket visit the Going Global website.

Exhibiting & Sponsorship enquiries:
Gavin Harris – Event Director
01872 218007 – gavin.harris@prysmgroup.co.uk

Marketing & Press enquiries:
Laura Lawrance – Marketing Manager
01872218007 laura.lawrance@prysmgroup.co.uk

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