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How one company is changing the trading ecosystem

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Capital.com are a trading company with a difference. It uses patent-pending technologies to revolutionise the trading world with the ultimate goal of improving clients’ trading performance through education.

At the beginning

Capital.com was founded in 2016 by Viktor Prokopenya through his investment vehicle VP Capital, alongside technology-focused investment fund Larnabel Ventures, backed by Said Gutseriev. Capital.com has the simple aim of bringing clients the best trading experience possible by developing a platform that meets the needs of its users. It makes finance less intimidating and offers a platform that provides clients with a quality trading service.

With a solid team in place, the company introduced the first release of the trading platform on mobile but soon expanded to desktop. After a successful start, Capital.com went on to increase the numbers of markets offered and polish the platform to meet traders’ needs.

In 2018, the company teamed up with Ivan Gowan, current Capital.com CEO and former IG Chief Digital Experience Officer to push the company further into ground-breaking territory. Under Mr Gowan’s leadership, the company is rapidly growing with an increase in the markets it offers, jurisdictions regulated and growth in the number of clients.

Ivan Gowan CEO of Capital.com

Next generation trading platform The trading platform comes in the form of mobile and web and is completely tailored to fit the needs of the trader. Traders can choose leverage from a variety of financial markets and even down to the style of the platform.

Timing is everything in trading, which is why the company is focused on fast and accurate order execution to help its clients trade more effectively. The intuitive platform lets traders understand what’s on offer quickly – from available markets to fee transparency – and if they remain unsure about anything, the platform also offers a comprehensive catalogue of educational content that helps clients trade with confidence.
Capital.com’s SmartFeed function is a unique feature powered by state-of-the-art AI technology and delivers tailored news feeds, analysis, and research materials based on users’ in-app behaviour. By analysing users’ activity in real-time, the SmartFeed function is able to identify common trading biases and behavioural patterns, which is not only incredibly useful for clients but also accurate in its analysis. It provides targeted educational content in the event that biases are detected.
In addition to their primary platform, Capital.com focuses heavily on financial education with its sister app Investmate. Said to be “your friend in finance” Investmate is full of trading lessons, financial insight, quizzes and more, helping traders gain a better understanding of the markets and trade more effectively. The company has set the goal of providing financial education via Investmate to one million people to coincide with Capital.com’s mission is to make the world of finance more accessible, engaging and useful.

Vision and goals

Capital.com uses innovative technology to build the most easy-to-use, transparent and practical financial platform. It achieves this by:

  • Improving user experience – Capital.com develops the simplest processes so clients can focus on what matters most – trading.
  • Creating confidence – Increasing the company’s number of global licences and bringing security to clients.
  • Constantly adding more markets Capital.com puts you at the forefront of trading with the latest and most sought after financial markets available.

Company values

Capital.com work as a team to provide the best service possible for its clients through:

  • Caring – Building strong relationships is at the core of what Capital.com does. Capital.com values those who value others.
  • Being clear – Whether it’s interacting with clients or colleagues, being able to get your message across clearly is essential.
  • Being bold – Making a new product means venturing into the unknown. Capital.com needs those who can take risks, make assertive decisions and solve problems.
  • Exploring and discovering – Change requires new ideas and Capital.com wants those who enjoy experimenting and learning about new things.
  • Moving fast – Capital.com like to move quickly, and managing time effectively is key to getting work done.
  • Focusing on outcomes – Capital.com focuses on the final result, celebrating successes, and learning from failures.

Moving forward

Capital.com has appointed former IG and CMC senior analyst David Jones as Chief Market Strategist, further solidifying its commitment to becoming the most popular, personalised and easy to use trading platform. As a qualified technical analyst, David brings extensive experience in financial markets, having begun his financial career as a currency analyst in the 1990s. More recently David has held senior analyst positions at CMC Markets and IG Group, where he provided regular market commentary to media and clients, and devised and ran a wide range of educational programmes. From 2015, David was the markets presenter on the popular BBC Radio 5 programme, Wake Up To Money and has also consulted within the financial trading industry providing education and market content for a wide range of clients around the world.

Capital.com is always planning ahead, seeking to get the edge on finance. The company is expanding to new markets, working with regulators to be licensed in key worldwide markets. Alongside its geo extensions, Capital.com is working on utilising blockchain technology in trading. With key projects set to be rolled out in the coming years, Capital.com is one to watch.

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