18 June 2024

Dahab – delivering ‘gold standards’

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Dahab – a step toward changing health dimensions

Innovation is the key to growth. Aafiya became the first TPA in the UAE to introduce wellness and lifestyle benefits as a complimentary tool attached to health insurance with the launch of ‘Dahab’, a premium value-added healthcare service.

The launch follows Aafiya’s plan of growth and expansion, inspired by Dubai’s Vision 2021, with the agenda of offering world-class healthcare services. Behind the conceptualisation of Dahab is a need to deliver superior and innovative healthcare services as a fast-track process in managing health. “The concept of Dahab is to empower people to become the CEO of their health in this globalised, digital world. It caters to high net worth individuals and delivers gold standards. Dahab is for those who cherish time and well-being,” said Mr. Zaidi.

The idea for Dahab came into existence a year ago and it took one year to formalise and execute the concept and transform it into a complete work of art. Dahab greatly expands the scope of health insurance by providing access to lifestyle and wellness, along with offering many value-added benefits like nutrition, fitness sessions, access to beauticians, slimming centres, food joints, fun family days as well as leisure and entertainment.

Dahab is everything that health is

We say that because we believe Dahab will change people’s perception on how they were using their sickness benefits. Yes, ‘sickness benefits’ because in hospital and clinics you only get treated for your sickness whereas Dahab brings actual healthcare to you, where you don’t have to fall sick to get well again. Rather it brings a lifestyle with several value-added benefits which makes sure that you start loving yourself once more,” said Mr. Zaidi.

Not every card is made equal, and Dahab has an unparalleled range of services attached, from fitness centres, to yoga classes, nutrition and healthy supplements, spas and wellness services, beauty and slimming centres, leisurely entertainment for the family, including activities for children.

Aafiya lends another distinction to the Dahab service by being the first TPA in the market to add a barcode to the card. “A barcode scan is fast and reliable and takes infinitely less time than entering data by hand. Using a barcode system reduces employee training time and it captures more accurate data,” he pointed out.

There are many other distinguishing services featured in the Dahab wellness card. A dedicated team will take care of the needs of Dahab customers.

Recently we got a step closer toward Digital Client Servicing with the launch of ASK (Aafiya Smart Kiosk), placed in the premises of the client and provider so that information is easily available.

Fast, Reliable service is the hallmark of Dahab

Appointments will be taken care of within ten minutes of placing requests, medicines will be delivered at the doorstep of the member, reducing time waiting at the pharmacy, and elite members will receive personalized greetings. In addition, Dahab brings the concept of ‘Relationship Doctors’ to the market: These professionals will be the patient’s advocate. A relationship Doctor will counsel the patient according to their health requirements.

Another distinguishing feature that puts Dahab a class apart from the market is the easy access with the help of a WhatsApp number and live chat facility.

Dahab also comes with a bouquet of wellness and privileges

“We truly believe that all the services will take the client beyond comfort and convenience. Dahab is an initiative towards world-class healthcare,” said Mr. Zaidi.

Dahab is a truly innovative concept that redefines the role of the TPA in the delivery of healthcare and wellness services. Aafiya is way ahead of the regional TPA industry not only with its technical and market expertise and knowledge, but also with its visionary approach. Aafiya’s focus on and inclusion of the end customer (the insured) in the equation, will create more awareness about TPAs and enhance their role.

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