24 April 2024

CRM meets Roboadvisory

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Deus Technology creates investment portfolios tailored to client needs by combining customer relationship management (CRM) methodology with its own Roboadvisory engine. This process creates customised investment proposals, and also facilitates the ‘Know Your Client’ principal that anchors modern financial compliance. It is just one of the ‘robo’ approaches created by Deus Technology that takes advantage of the surge in Roboadvisory engines to help banks compete in an ever-changing investment world. Deus’s personalised investment portfolios have been further honed by connecting the CRM world to the Roboadvisory engine.

“The CRM Roboadvisory model allows you to create truly personalised proposals, also respecting the ‘Know Your Client’ principal that MiFID has tried to spread,” specified Pasquale Orlando, CMO and co- founder of Deus. This approach satisfies the requests both of the pure stakeholders of Roboadvisory, with business models online, and the traditional banks that can then develop their commercial model by leveraging on the information assets of customers.

The advisory then becomes a custom product, managed by an automatic engine that is powered using the information that the bank has on its client. “Data can be extrapolated thanks to the data analysis techniques, or rather, by taking advantage of analytics tools on big data applied to the portfolio information gathered over time,” Orlando underlined. “In this way, it’s possible to carry out clustering and profiles of every single client, also very efficient in perspective prediction.”

The result is tailor-made consulting, which, “is useful to the banks both for creating ad hoc services online only and for pushing on the web”, Orlando says. The CRM RoboAdvisory then becomes an ally of the banking network. “We have been able to implement this model in an Italian bank and the results are encouraging,” Orlando continues: “The CRM RoboAdvisory has in fact supported the banking network, by drawing the attention of customers, even the smallest ones, with readily available, customised proposals. But this model has enormous potential, especially for banks that have a set of customer information.”

Besides the Roboadvisory, Deus has implemented a number of different types of features in its investment platform: from advanced consulting using APIs and widgets, to engagement using apps and websites for onboarding prospects with dedicated sections and even a geolocation engine to efficiently represent their clients and the web. All the engines are therefore accessible via API, so that you can decouple them from the front-end and allow banks to design and develop the front regardless of the underlying engine.

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