19 April 2024

HPS: Innovation across North Africa

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In North Africa, the payments landscape has transformed beyond all recognition, with new technologies being introduced at rapid speed. HPS has been at the epicentre of this revolution, working with clients across North Africa to adapt their payment and card systems with ease and efficiency to address the changes.

Since 1995, HPS has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s leading and innovative cards and payment technology companies, with over 350 clients in 85 countries on 5 continents. Through the PowerCARD solution, HPS has provided its clients with innovative technology solutions that transcend the entire payments value chain, and enable them to overcome the challenges posed by the new payments landscape.

Today, HPS addresses the payment processing needs of hundreds of issuers, acquirers, national and regional switches and new entrants, including MNOs and FinTechs, across the entire payment value chain. PowerCARD is a compliant and cost effective platform that creates a new user experience for all parties involved, from the payer and payee to bank staff who use the platform on a daily basis. The platform’s controls allow the latter party to exert more control, audit and parameters over payment processes, creating greater working efficiencies between business teams and quick wins for the business as a whole.

HPS comprises of a world-class management team that has a proven history of working with one of the most powerful state-of-the-art technologies in the payments industry worldwide – PowerCARD. HPS’ highly skilled staff develop and innovate solutions that provide customers with a number of options for making payments.

HPS’ payment solutions provide alternatives that are not generally supported by traditional payment methods. The solutions have a modern and flexible architecture, enabling the digital transformation that the payments industry is experiencing, especially within North Africa, which is an asset for organizations when compared with the technologically out-of-date legacy platforms.

With its best-in-class payment platform PowerCARD, HPS provides simple yet effective solutions that support any kind of payments and covers the entire value chain. PowerCARD is an all-in-one platform that can process any payment mean cards (credit, debit, prepaid), wallets via any channel (ATM, PoS, internet & mobile) for all segment (personal, small businesses and corporates) and any kind of merchant (physical, virtual, chains…). It also addresses the P2P market. PowerCARD is EMV and PA-DSS compliant, and is fully integrated with all international payment networks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club/Discover, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) and Union Pay International (UPI) and facilitates global connectivity and worldwide payments acceptance. PowerCARD is also connected to National Switches in North Africa. PowerCARD also has a flexible technology architecture, which is increasingly seen as the future of the payments industry.

“As a technology company, we spend around 15% of our revenue in our innovation efforts. This is something that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Abdeslam Alaoui Smaili, Managing Director at HPS. Currently, HPS is working on the next era mobile technologies and developing person to person (P2P) payments solutions, which are taking off in North Africa. “When we’re talking about mobility, it is really important that customers have access to their profiles, data, transactions and other important information,” says Alaoui. HPS has also developed a tokenisation solution for mobile. “In the years ahead, if there’s anything that is relevant to mobile payment, we’ve either worked or will be working on it,” Alaoui concludes.

HPS constantly develops ground-breaking and inventive modules for PowerCARD and supports all major back-office payments functions. The platform is a robust scalable solution that allows organisations of all sizes to boost the cost-effectiveness and competitive positioning of their card issuing, acquiring and switching solutions. This enables payment innovation by allowing new products to be brought to market quicker, and changes to be implemented faster and at a lower cost. To date, the platform is being used by over 350 payments operators worldwide.

HPS has a broad client base that includes traditional financial institutions and payments providers, new innovative digital banks, fintechs, retailers and players in the mobile payment space. HPS’ diverse client base reflects its long and successful track record of adapting legacy payment systems to the new payments landscape at an institutional, regional and national level.

Thanks to its 400 employees who are located in various offices in key business centres throughout the world, HPS has been able to maintain close working relationships with its clients. This has allowed HPS to effectively meet its clients’ needs. Going forward, HPS will continue to invest heavily in innovation and industry collaboration to help payment industry actors to adapt and evolve their systems for the future.

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