13 June 2024

Achieving excellence across Europe’s markets

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International Capital Management AG (ICM) was established in the Principality of Liechtenstein and is licensed and regulated by the Financial Market Authority (FMA). The company has successfully adopted the risk mitigation strategies first developed by Professor Harry Markowitz. The concept won Markowitz the Nobel Prize of Economics in 1990, with its ground-breaking treatise on modern portfolio management, which focused on reducing random influences to an absolute minimum and by constantly monitoring the investments, to ensure optimal performance. ICM is able to offer its investors tailor-made top products for a wide range of risk-return profiles.

ICM never follows short-term market trends with its financial solutions, but instead works in a value-oriented and sustainable manner according to an investment approach that maximises the inherent security level. ICM is defined by its exceptional results, to constantly innovate and to never stand still – attributes that guarantee constant progress. ICM’s bridge between the institutional investment world and private investors makes the company completely unique.

As well as in its home market of Liechtenstein, ICM is also leading presence across Eastern European countries. For years, the company has successfully provided top investment products to firms and individuals in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. In 2016 ICM entered the Romanian market as one of the first foreign asset management companies. To serve this long-term growth strategy, ICM has established its first Romanian office with a team based in Cluj.

ICM has won many investment awards over recent years, which drive the company to keep on reaching for the same high standards.

In particular, it was the quality, performance and sustainability of ICM’s current financial products, that has contributed to the company being catapulted into a leading position this year. The acknowledgement of ICM’s fund products also signals that it is not just the large companies who master innovation, security and quality. The award ‘Best Foreign Asset Management Company – Romania 2017’ from The European, shows that small financial boutiques, irrespective of any business volume, are increasingly capable of delivering top achievements and peak performance over the years. The award also stands as a testimony to ICM’s sustained excellence in the Eastern European financial sector.

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