25 May 2024

Dr Anil Sharma, GMS among Lloyd’s List’s Top 100 most influential people in shipping

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20th December 2016: Dr Anil Sharma, President & CEO of GMS, ranked at number 59 in the annual Lloyd’s List top 100 of the most influential people in shipping for 2016.

Dr Sharma has a Doctorate degree from a US Business school and has dedicated the last 25 years of his career building the GMS brand across the world. Today the company operates from 8 countries: USA, UAE, Greece, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China & South Korea and several representative offices in Turkey and South Asia. The company is growing rapidly with the addition of new offices almost every year.

GMS is the world’s largest buyer of ships and offshore assets for recycling and it was founded by Dr Sharma in 1992, in Cumberland, USA.

Dr Anil Sharma, President and CEO, GMS commented: “I am pleased to discover that hard work and dedication to responsible ship recycling is being acknowledged by well-reputed media outlets such as the Lloyd’s List and I am delighted to have gained, once again, one spot in their Top 100 List. Leadership, Integrity, Professionalism and Transparency are the core values we live up to at GMS and our promise to our Clients is to maintain our unparalleled personalised service unaffected by the market fluctuations, remaining loyal to our best customer service practices, as we have had over the last 25 years in the ship recycling business”.

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