17 April 2024

Trading with confidence for 10 years

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When we say trading and investing, most people would immediately picture Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange and the big bull at the centre of it all. Accurate as it is, in today’s digital age trading is actually being done online and with all the possibilities that exist nowadays – online trading is suitable for everyone.

“Whether you are more of a risk taker or like to play it safe – you can fit perfectly in the online trading world and AvaTrade can help you find your place in it,” says David Drazin, CEO of AvaTrade. As he speaks of new-age trading, let’s go back just a few years ago to mid-2000s and see what he means.

Back then, the digital foreign exchange, better known as forex, was on the rise. New brokers were popping up all over, recruiting thousands of new customers and the entire market was on a massive wave of success. Since then, countries and major financial bodies have adopted laws and regulation, resulting in countless brokers disappearing from the forex industry.

AvaTrade, on the other hand, only grew bigger, better and stronger. As of today, it is an industry-leading brokerage, with an outstanding selection of instruments, platforms and an array of services in 14 languages. Naturally, it was not always like that; when the company was founded, in May 2006, the competition was tough. Therefore, to the founders of AvaTrade, the 10th anniversary celebrations that took place in May this year, were more than just a milestone. They served as a testament to the company’s success, the prizes and awards they have received and the journey the team have shared together.

AvaTrade’s core values

What brought the founders together were not only mutual financial goals, but also common values: fairness towards the client, integrity and innovation, to name but a few. Even a quick glance at the company’s history will demonstrate how these ideals stand at the very core of its activity. In addition, the strict regulation in which AvaTrade is subjected to assure they ‘play by the rules’. On the innovative side, 2016 has been a good year for AvaTrade and it is indeed felt in its corridors. The company launched a brand new educational site called ‘Sharp Trader’, available in seven languages. The site consists of articles, videos, daily analysis and a lot of content divided as per the trader’s level – beginner to advanced. Although it is still too early to tell whether ‘Sharp Trader’ is as successful as planned, it is clear that it has changed the way AvaTrade’s customers follow the markets and eventually place their trades.

Another new feature from AvaTrade is its renewed account area, which looks fantastic and the thought behind it can be clearly seen in every page. In the new account section, called ‘MyAva’, the customer can manage their account and perform all actions easily and swiftly, all in a user-friendly interface.

Focusing on the customer

For AvaTrade, the client always comes first, as it always attempts to see things from his perspective, says Drazin. “Traders want three main things: to know their funds are safe and secured, to get good trading conditions and low charges and to have diversity and flexibility in their trades.”

As far as security goes, the trader doesn’t need to worry as AvaTrade is regulated and its site is secured by the best of encryptions.

David Drazin

When it comes to choice, AvaTrade offers its clients an impressive selection of over 250 instruments – covering Forex, Vanilla Options and Contracts For Difference (CFDs) on stocks, commodities, indices, bonds and many more, all offered to the trader with excellent trading conditions. Well worth a mention is AvaTrade’s vast affiliation programme, which is one of the most successful in the industry to date. With a variety of different types of partners and over $100m paid in commission since their inception, it’s no wonder AvaTrade received countless ‘best affiliation’ awards, including a recent one in the MENA expo in Dubai.

However, perhaps AvaTrade’s even greater strength lies in the variety of trading platforms – from its flagship AvaTrader platform, to the popular MetaTrader4 and together with an assortment of semi-automated to fully-automated platforms. “The idea behind this massive choice we offer clients is to allow each and every one of them to enjoy their trading experience with AvaTrade and to guide them step by step as they commences their way in the trading world,” concludes Drazin.

Non-stop innovation

What does the future hold for AvaTrade? In today’s digital age it seems that if you are not already thinking about tomorrow, you belong to yesterday. With this agenda, Drazin sees tomorrow in bright colours for AvaTrade. During 2017 AvaTrade will put an emphasis on technology and innovation, so that, according to Drazin: “Sharp Trader and MyAva are only the beginning to a great innovative era for AvaTrade, both on PC and mobile, so our clients can trade from anywhere at any time”. He is not willing to reveal his plans, but assures us they are already in progress and is certain they will create a new standard for the entire industry.

Combine this with an outstanding team and Drazin is convinced that AvaTrade is on the fast track to extend its market share. “Innovation is a learning process, which we did, and now it’s time to put all the knowledge we accumulated into practice,” he says. So watch out, trading industry, AvaTrade is in it to win it.

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