13 June 2024

Make your dreams come true with FBS

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Forex trading is more than just a highly profitable way of earning an income – for millions worldwide it provides an opportunity for them to live life on their terms. The feeling of financial freedom, independence and the ability to make important decisions is what makes forex so appealing. The goal of working hard to achieve your dream is very inspiring, which is why at FBS, traders are so close to our heart.

Many of our clients have already made their fortune trading forex. So, we have focused our attention on new traders that have only started to work with us. We know that for most people, traders especially, money is a means to living the life they want. That is why we decided that 2016–2017 will be dedicated to our traders and every month we will make one special dream come true.

‘FBS makes your dreams come true’ is a monthly competition whereby traders from all over the world share their dreams on the FBS official Facebook page. The person with the most interesting idea is the winner.

This competition has gone viral among traders and the reaction we’ve received has exceeded our expectations.

Many people asked for a house or even a job. A lot of people asked only for the wellbeing of their loved ones. There was such a wide spectrum of thoughts and ideas; some people asked for something simple such as a phone and there were others who were looking for a miracle! Soon we realised that those content with their lives were predominately the more experienced and proficient traders. The people looking for something big were new traders, some of them just registered on our website only for the competition.

Now it’s fair to say that this little experiment changed our understanding of traders completely. Many comments inspired us to move beyond the competition and participate in charity. But more than anything we want to encourage people who don’t give up, who work hard and follow their dreams. Though our mission is far from being complete, it is a good start. Here are a few people who already became winners and fulfilled their dreams:
Mohammed Ashrey from Egypt wanted to become a professional trader and fully enjoy all the benefits of this profession. We granted him a scholarship at one of the most prestigious trading schools in the Middle East. Steven Than Lvorm from Indonesia had no device to trade on and we were glad to help him. He became the owner of a new ASUS Transformer Book, and as a bonus, he also received a T-shirt signed by the FBS CEO for inspiration and further successes in trading.
Junet Keren asked for a LG G5 to enjoy all the benefits of mobile trading, and he also wanted to get four branded T-shirts for doing sports with his family. Everyone can become a winner, as trading volumes, account balance or professionalism are not essential for this promotion.

Take the first step

So, what we really want to do is to thank our clients for making FBS not just a forex broker, but a community of like-minded individuals that change people’s lives – allowing them to grow personally and financially, to improve professionally, to become independent and of course, to make their dreams come true.

The aim of this article is to present a dream to many people all over the world. To help them believe in themselves and strive towards their loftiest ambition. Remember, you are the master of your fate but first you must take a step forward.

To demonstrate this, we’re offering you the chance to take part in our inspiring campaign. All you have to do is to register in the competition at our website – fbs.com – and enter our group on Facebook. Then share the competition post in your timeline and add your dream description as a comment. Go on, surprise us with your idea. Who knows, maybe in a month we will surprise you. Because at FBS, we are always by your side.

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