Professor Hermann F.Sailer: One man, many faces

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| The European | 7th March 2014
Professor Hermann F. Sailer

Professor Hermann F. Sailer

Professor Hermann F. Sailer is one of the world’s most experienced and respected experts in facial surgery, and is well known to public figures and to the stars of the entertainment business. Sailer’s famous private clinic in Bethanien at Zürichberg in Zürich, Switzerland, now also has a second home at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Medical Health Centre, offering patients an inspiring combination of innovative medicine and a luxurious location in which to recover.

In difficult cases, consult the specialist

Professor Sailer, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, first gained an outstanding reputation for reconstructive surgery of the face and jaw as Professor Ordinarius at Zürich University Hospital. Today he is one of the most sought-after medical practitioners in the field of aesthetic facial surgery. His revolutionary Reverse Facelift is particularly popular among his clients, offering outstanding results.

Revolutionary: The Reverse Facelift

The Reverse Facelift, a revolutionary procedure introduced to the world of facial aesthetics by Professor Sailer, opens up a new dimension for incomparable enhancement in attractiveness. As the procedure is carried out from inside the mouth, post-surgery scarring does not occur. Natural facial expressiveness is retained and patients are left with a more youthful, striking appearance.

Curing Sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a type of sleep disorder caused by narrow airways, which is characterised by pauses in breathing or shallow breathing during sleep. Within the surgery the lower and upper jaw is rotated forward, automatically extending the upper respiratory tract. The results of the operation are immediate; the patient will be able to sleep well again, normal levels of oxygen saturation will improve cardio vascular circulation, and the snoring will subside. As with the Reverse Facelift, the procedure is carried out from inside the mouth, leaving the patient without any post-surgery scarring.

The treatment not only remedies the patient’s snoring, but also has aesthetic advantages. The alteration of the jaw position that causes the apnoea will result in an adjusted and improved facial structure.

The perfect environment to recuperate

Famous for its ground-breaking initiatives, the Medical Health Centre at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz consistently invests in quality medical professionals to ensure the resort maintains its long-standing position as the leading international well-being and medical health resort. Famed for providing top-class expertise and innovative beauty treatment concepts, the appointment of Professor Sailer to Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was an exceptional fit given the resort’s acclaimed excellence at health, wellbeing and beauty enhancement.

The resort offers guests a wide range of treatments designed to suit all needs. These range from classic beauty and wellbeing treatments, dermatology and medical skin care, dentistry, as well as plastic surgery, and holistic therapies.

Bad Ragaz

Additionally, Professor Sailer offers beauty treatments at Bad Ragaz including natural increase in both lip and face volume which have a longer lasting effect because no lifting procedure is involved. Also available are chin corrections, nose corrections, upper and lower lid corrections, eyebrow lifting, and other forms of face remodelling, such as the creation or modulation of cheekbones.

Using state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality product lines integrated in the unique world of healthy well-being, it is not surprising that the resort was recently named winner of Condé Nast Traveller (UK)’s “Best Medi Spa Award”.

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Swiss Alps and fresh alpine air, Bad Ragaz is an ideal, tranquil setting for those wishing to recuperate post operation.

Further information
To find out more about Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and Professor Sailer’s services please visit:

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