Do you know your football?

| The European | 21 April 2020

Built by a team of entrepreneurs, Football Index (FI) is a football stock exchange for fans looking to combine a passion for football with an acquisitive, trading spirit. The platform is backed by the same NASDAQ technology that powers the financial markets, adding a degree of legitimacy to FI and giving footy traders confidence that their portfolio is in safe hands.

Football Index CEO Adam Cole set out to create recreational markets that would sit alongside the world’s major financial markets. It makes sense that the majority of retail customers would want to trade something they understand – like football players – rather than forex. Football Index has created an alternative asset class for ordinary people to trade what they love.

For the uninitiated, Football Index provides you with the opportunity to buy and sell shares in real footballers with real money. Football traders make money by using their football knowledge to spot and buy into unfancied, unknown or undervalued players whose value is likely to appreciate over time. Then, when their value rises, traders can sell their shares and make a profit, or keep them as a valuable portfolio assets, winning tax-free dividends along the way. Just like a real stock exchange, the value of players fluctuates according to their real-world performances.

There are over 3,500 players available to buy shares in on Football Index. Index footballers play in leagues across the world, from the Premier League and Bundesliga to Serie A and La Liga. As for prices – at the time of writing the most expensive shares on the Index are in Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho at £10.12. At the other end of the scale you can pick up Hussain Al-Mogahwi playing for Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia for just 8 pence (admittedly, Al-Mogahwi might be stretching your football knowledge). How about picking up Manchester United’s Fred at £1.62 per share? Or Kevin De Bruyne for £4.92? You can purchase as many or as few shares in a player as you want and can buy and sell whenever you think the time is right. There is no transfer window limitations at Football Index, and you can only ever lose what you have actually invested or staked.

Learn the ropes

Betting on the Football Index isn’t for everyone. But if you have a trader’s mentality and are looking for something more than a punt on who wins or who scores first, Football Index might be your thing.

The welcome advice of long-term Football Index Traders is to start small and learn the ropes. Deposit £50 to £100 and spread it across different types of players. Maybe you’ll choose a player just starting to make waves, or an established regular who is always getting column inches. Look wider than the comfort of the Premier League, do your research and keep on top of the football news. The Football Index website has a host of tools to help you get started – from the forum where you can get a perspective on what other investors are up to, to The Academy where you can top up your skills. Football Index’s social channels and “How-to” videos also provide a great starting platform to your trading journey. As you get more involved in Football Index you’ll find yourself immersed in games you wouldn’t have even watched before. Every pass will mean more and every article you read becomes a new way to win dividends.

Football Index isn’t about betting the farm on the result of a cup tie. It’s a marathon not a sprint. You’re not doing this for the immediate thrill of turning £5 into £500 over the course of a single match. You’re doing it for the more subtle, long-term accumulation of worth. It’s different. It’s unique. It’s more challenging than traditional gambling.

With Football Index you’re always in the driving seat. It’s down to you how long you stick with a player’s dip in form; it’s you deciding when to cut and run and it’s your call to buy as and when you believe you have spotted a new opportunity. Over time, you’ll find out whether you have what it takes to be a football manager, scout, talent spotter and owner – all in one.

To be successful you’ll need to use your head as well as your heart and use your football knowledge to make the sort of calls that real managers have to – and not just every transfer window. You can buy or sell at any time and you can have as many players in your squad as you want. It’s a real test of your football acumen that by its very nature means you acquire more knowledge and understanding as you go – as you experience the priceless feeling of cutting through the hype to find football gold.

Football Index is a UK licensed and regulated fixed-odds gambling product 18+,, T&Cs apply.

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