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Berlin: For business success

Business Travel
| The European | 19 April 2018

There was a time when consumers needed to know exactly what they were going to get from a brand, product or service – every time. But things have changed. Today, consumers value the authenticity of an experience which leads to business success. So, when it comes to travel, they want to feel part of their destination. Variety has always been the key, but today hotels, bars and restaurants are recognising how consumers are demanding more from not only leisure but business experiences also.

The most popular meeting and events venues are those that pay attention to the character and unique aspects of a destination. Hilton Berlin does exactly this and displays business success by placing great emphasis on authenticity in everything that it does. For starters, there is the hotel’s open-air venue DomCurry, offering a traditional curried sausage dish for a true taste of Berlin.

Located in the heart of the city, the award winning Hilton Berlin is only a short drive from the city’s main airports and offers 601 beautifully designed rooms and individually furnished suites.

All must-see attractions, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Mall of Berlin are within walking distance. Flea and food markets, word- famous night clubs and some hidden local treasures are only a short drive away – inviting you to experience a different side of Berlin and ensuring an Instagram- worthy trip. Social media has been the major catalyst in a shift from material consumption to a consumer culture driven by experiences. Nowadays, our experiences not only live long in the memory, but have a shared and extended life online – the value and importance of this has risen exponentially and is key factor in business success.

Whilst this trend in our leisure lives has been prevalent for some time now, it is also now increasingly expected in the corporate world. Providing a point of difference and a “wow” factor at meetings and events is more important than ever. At Hilton Berlin meetings can be supplemented with a craft beer tasting, an energising pilates session or a tasty “help yourself ” ice-cream station.

These enriching experiences provide those unexpected touches that turn a typical meeting into a memorable event that guests will treasure and talk about for years to come.

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