What makes Algotechs the leading innovative technology of 2018

| The European | 20th February 2018



When the word innovation comes up, one automatically correlates this with futuristic aspects of the world, Algotechs. Whether it be an advanced tool of communication, the evolution of society or in our case, the newest, futuristic form of financial success, innovation is evermore the revolution of something old, made new again.

When a system works, even successfully, there is almost always one of more points that can and should be modernised with the purpose of not only ensuring continuous success, but also bettering the product, or system. All the more so, a flawed system such as the financial adversity around the world. This is exactly where Algo Trading and innovation comes into the discussion. Algorithmic trading has been around as early as the 1970s. Algo Trading is the future of the financial world, and investments as we know it. Even so, financial institutions globally have been using this system for over 40 years. And while being a known as a useful system within the financial world, it has only become accessible to the individual more recently.

Algotechs presents the idea that there is also an option of having your investments transparent to you, and not only being traded in the larger scale of volume, but characterised, and individualised to the specific client’s needs. Whether it be different levels of risk, different sized accounts, and different returns, Algotechs’ purpose is to individualise a financial plan for each client. In the world we live in, progression is imperative for the advancement and realisation that the current changes we see are the key to all the imminent change we struggle and strive to have.

As the 2018 winners of The European awards for ‘Innovative Trading Technology’, Algotechs has surpassed all borders and expectations of what a true software company should look like. Their mottos and their intentions are clear to the inquiring individual; why should one settle for less than they deserve? Algotechs believes that in order for one to reach maximum financial security and to reach their economic dreams, they do not only need to work hard, but have their funds working hard for them.

Nelson Mandela once said: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” The world and humanity itself is constantly struggling to find economic prosperity. Thankfully, there’s a better way than perpetual struggle. This is exactly when innovation should not be overlooked.

In contrast to other financial options, Algotechs has an ATS system, that incorporates both exceptional service, and higher returns on your investments. Their proprietary system has the capabilities to execute trades within split seconds, and with complete accuracy.

One of the main aspects that is needed to comprehend in the Capital Market and the most crucial aspect of an investor is the element of speed, precision and accuracy. Beginning in 2008, Algotechs’ ATS software has traded its own shares, to try out the software, before opening it up to the public. In 2012, Algotechs decides to open their doors to the public, allowing private investors to have the chance to receive higher profits on their savings and investments. Throughout these years, Algotechs’ ATS software has generated a revenue of over 290.31%, by executing over 8,854 trades.

When discussing maximising potential profits. Undisputedly, the more time one invests whether it be learning the subject matter, or actually engaging in it, it is clear that time plays an extensive role in mastering any field. Therefore, when discussing human capabilities, and within the subject of time, humans can only work for so many hours a day, and with only so much patience. Therefore, the solution to this is having an automated program, to not only put in the much needed hours, in Algotechs’ case, 24 hours a day, five days a week and around the clock, but also to implement the accuracy and precision that mortal capabilities lack.

Not only does human intervention minimize the amount of time that can generate potential profits, humans also tend to involve emotions in any situation. When one makes a trade that ends up successful, they’re elated, and vice versa. These emotions, can cause irrational decisions, that will undeniably cause loss or worse. Algotechs divulges their ATS software, for private clients, to allow individuals to now also have the option of having their funds generate profit for them, without them having to put in any effort. The software works 24 hours a day, five days a week, with absolutely no pause or interruption. “It’s one thing to work for your money, it’s another thing to have your money work for you” says Gregory Jones, Executive director and CEO of Algotechs.

Working with over 62 countries internationally and a volume of 8,250m euros, Algotechs has been proving that innovation and success is indeed possible, with just the right measurements of a sharp accurate and precise software and a strict win-win policy, they believe that these ingredients all assemble a successful and profitable company with satisfied customers.

Some of their incredible policies include, the win-win platform, which basis sits on the fact that the company’s sole income is the success of their clients, their motto is “When you generate profit, we generate profit as well.” They do not charge any service fees or management fees. They also have no lock-in period, or any direct control of assets. Their clients’ funds are all handled by a third party regulated broker, who specializes in the Algo-Trading field.

Another one of their fascinating approaches is the compounding strategy. Not only does the clients investment generate profit for him/her, the profits generated are re-compounded, to generate profit for the client as well.

With continuous, uninterrupted success throughout the past 6 years, exceptional returns and complete transparency of their clients’ accounts, it is undeniable that Algotechs is proving to be the future of technology and innovation as we know it.

By Ivan Baxter
The European

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