Private jet charter taken to new heights

| The European | 11th November 2016

Achieving efficiency means maximising time, yet business trips all too often include queuing at check-in, waiting at departure lounges and protracted boarding processes. Global corporations need total flexibility to organise meetings at short notice and across various locations – scheduled flights are rarely able to meet such demands. A private jet service can make all the difference to time-pressured executives, enabling an increase in efficiency and the capacity to turn travelling into productive work time.

By chartering a jet service with Travcon Charter Brokers you can avoid the most time-consuming aspects of flying and enjoy a host of benefits besides. Long periods of waiting during check-in and luggage collection and time lost in transit become a thing of the past. With a chartered service you only need arrive at the airport shortly before take-off, with mandatory departure checks taking a fraction of the time. Stop-overs are rarely required as you can fly direct travel to almost any airport.

Private jets are also perfect for reaching more remote locations not in the vicinity of a major airport, as they are agile enough to land at smaller airfields.

Travcon Charter Brokers exemplify the traditions of Swiss style, efficiency and expertise. When chartering a private jet with Travcon you can relax in privacy and peace, as other than those accompanying you, there are no other passengers on board.

Working on a scheduled flight or at an airport can be especially challenging for those handling confidential or sensitive data. Thanks to the privacy of a chartered jet, meetings can be held on board with corporate affairs discussed openly. Few who travel by air can honestly claim to relish meal times! However with Travcon the cooking is of a superior standard with all tastes and requirements accommodated. For longer flights you can even charter a jet that’s equipped with a sleeping configurations for beds.


Relaxed and on time

Travcon understand that busy executives need flexibility and therefore ensures that your jet charter is tailored exactly to your schedule. If there’s a meeting at a certain time and place, Travcon will see that you arrive on time relaxed and ready to go. When it comes to returning home, all time pressures are alleviated – the jet waits for you. The advantages are endless, safety, security and reduction in stress, meaning you perform at your best.

All of this, of course, means more time spent with family and friends, as you will be fresh when you come home from a business trip.

This multitude of benefits needn’t cost an absolute fortune either – under certain circumstances, charter flights can compete with scheduled flights in terms of price, so it’s always worth contacting Travcon to check out your options.

On-demand private jet charter is on the up. Compared with other models of private air travel – fractional or full ownership, jet-cards and subscription schemes – its benefits are obvious. Pure chartering offers travellers better flexibility in terms of time, choice and cost. It offers the widest range of aircraft with no up front financial commitments, allowing flight only as required.

Private jet charter provides individuals with the opportunity to connect with people and places without the stress of commercial travel. Travcon’s charter clients set their own agenda – it’s a great way to be.

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