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| The European | 11th November 2016

Safety, comfort and privacy combined with a high level of service are the cornerstones that Air-Dynamic’s success has been built on over the years.

Nevertheless, Air-Dynamic firmly believes that luxury and great service do not always have to come at the highest price. With our expert know-how and by making the right decisions, we know how to optimise costs whilst providing the highest standard of service.

We will advise what the best aircraft is – based on each individual transfer requirement, taking into consideration the number of travellers, composition of travellers (men, women and children) and the length of transfer.

Also, we learn very quickly what your requirements and preferences are and ensure that these are all reflected in each transfer.

The advantage of being a small, but dedicated and passionate, team is that you benefit from the skills, the understanding and the capability for us to offer a tailor-made solution for every trip.

VIP transfers

Helicopter and private jet transfers are our business and passion. The team is made up of highly qualified professionals ready to help you reach any destination worldwide. All we need to know is your desired destination, number of people, time and preferred type of jet or helicopter.

For example, a helicopter transfer is the best way to get across the Swiss Alps – fast and comfortable without stopovers or traffic jams on mountain roads. We can guarantee the best price for any kind of helicopter flight or transfer through an all-inclusive service without additional invoices. Whether it’s for a vacation, holiday or business, big names, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bublè and Elton John have all travelled with us.

We can organise a helicopter flight with the absolute minimum of notice to and from any location in Switzerland, Italy, Côte d’Azur and throughout the EU. Just tell us the number of people, the quantity of luggage and where you would like to fly from or to. We will take care of the entire logistics, including landing permissions and authorisations.


VIP executive jet transfers

Today, Air-Dynamic organises scheduled and charter jet transfers for large and small groups of VIPs and regularly uses jets such as the Falcon 7X, Challengers 850/605 and Legacy 600 for longer flights, while smaller, yet no less comfortable jets, such as the Cessna Mustang or the CL300 and Citation series are available for shorter distances. Tell us when, how many passengers, your destination and we will guarantee you the highest standard aircraft and operator combination at the best price. Due diligence, constant research and tracking of the market allows a far superior alternative to what would otherwise be considered as a regular transfer – and at a competitive price. The objective on every occasion is value for money without compromising standards.

A private jet transfer is not just a flight from A to B. It’s a time to enjoy yourself with business partners, family or friends. We work to understand your requirements and preferences before offering you the very best solution on single and multiple stage transfers, to get you from door to door safely and efficiently, relaxed and in style.

Aircraft sale and management Should you be in the market to buy or lease an aircraft we have extensive resources and experience in finding the right aircraft or helicopter to suit your needs and budget. In addition to consultancy throughout the purchase we offer aircraft management throughout Italy and Switzerland, providing training, Air Operator Certificate (AOC) flight crews, maintenance and operational oversight. Furthermore due to our wide client’s portfolio we make sure that your aircraft flies all the time and that your operational costs are therefore covered.

The World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland is a key event in the global calendar. Ever since 1974, the annual event has driven leaders from across business and politics to collaborate on many of society’s most pressing problems. Each year, Air-Dynamic provides helicopter transfers and additional services to participants. Our selection of fleet makes it possible for us to supply you the right helicopter at all times during the event.

Helicopter operations on private yachts

Whether you’re looking for the quickest form of ship-to-shore transfer, or you want to hop from your anchored yacht to a fantastic spot inland, a helicopter is a great addition to life on board. We provide worldwide ad hoc or seasonal helicopter services for your yachts with the latest models from the world’s top manufacturers including, Bell, AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, and Sikorsky.

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